OK, WoW Nerds! Yesterday we talked about getting a guild of Sloggers together.

Here's what the polls show: We're gonna be Horde on a PvE server.

I know, I know, some of you are disappointed with one or the other result, but Slog polls are binding. In the future we can discuss an additional guild, an Alliance and/or PvP guild, etc. Think of this first guild as a fun place to enjoy other Sloggers. If you put your mains in that's great, or just roll a new toon.

Next, we need a name. The choices are drawn from comments on the previous thread, edited down based on interest. I did not include anything with the names of staffers or commenters.

One more post after this where I'll announce the name, the server and off-Slog site for further discussion.

UPDATE: I'm gonna close the poll at 5 pm today, so we can get this decided before the long weekend.