This month, news that Rupert Murdoch is launching an iPad-only newpaper called The Daily started leaking everywhere. (Murdoch reportedly wanted to call it The Daily Planet, but those killjoys at DC Comics reportedly lawyered up.)

Now Engadget says that Richard Branson is about to get into the iPad-only publishing business with a new magazine called Project that "will cover entertainment, travel, business, design, and international culture." Some are wondering if this means Apple will announce an update to the iPad's IOS that will allow in-app subscriptions.

If you're furiously anti-Murdoch, you might want to read Valleywag's post titled "Why the iPad Newspaper Is Doomed." Here's just one reason of many:

Since The Daily is an iPad app, there will be no inbound links, and reportedly no outbound links to the web, either. And there will be no web version. That isolation instantly kneecaps the paper's ability to promote itself; the web will convert The Daily's big scoops into blog summaries, tweets, Facebook rants and even iPad screenshots — but not into traffic for the publication that generated the buzz in the first place.

I was expecting to see this kind of media wrangling at the iPad's launch, but it seems that magazine publishers and papers wanted to try something closer to the current model to see if they could make it work. Now people are starting to re-envision the way papers and magazines will work on a tablet. The beginning of 2011 is going to be very interesting for media analysts.