Valleywag is 100% correct. This kind of publishing on the web is synergistic; your value comes from the web of links that you are a part of. iPad publishing is by definition not a part of ANYTHING. You're getting your content from something that uses internet protocols but isn't the web. Isn't A web. It's almost like going back to before the internet.

No one's going to read it.

Oh, it might still be there, sucking cash out of Murdoch's pockets, in five years, but it's not going to be a part of whatever comes next.

Plus, with Steve Jobs aggressively censoring every inch (see the recent flap over the issue of Esquire that almost wasn't), and the ludicrous pricing, and I think iPad publishing is DOA, period.

See, the iPad is still incredibly popular, in its gee-whiz phase, but most of the Brave New Apps are flops -- ebooks, magazines, now newspapers. And there are other tablet options now. If Jobs isn't careful, his golden goose may start laying some seriously rotten eggs.
Fnarf's just upset that Apple won and all your Black Friday sales are belong to Apple products.

Wait until you see the 3D Nintendo-license Apple iPad. That's going to rock your socks off.

(p.s. if you buy Black Friday sales today, like at newegg, you can still boycott Black Friday and get good deals)
No links? How can publishers still be this fucking dense? I can barely contain my rage at not seeing linked sources at the bottom of articles actually on the web, and they're going completely linkless? Fucking retards.
@3, in addition to no outbound links, there's no way to link inbound: "Check out this awesome article on The Daily -- no, I can't give you a link, but if you have a subscription you can probably dig around and find it there" = FAIL.
@4 LOL. Hey, I know! they can succeed by making it into an exciting geocaching experience. "There's a great article in The Daily about _____, & here's the longtitude and latitude of the nearest ipads. Go!"
Murdoch knows iPad buyers are a natural market for Fox news and his tabloid papers.
If you want subscriptions, then you dont need an app for that, just charge for web access through a normal paywall. Oh yeah thats right, Safari Mobile wont support Flash, Silverlight or Java, so one is more or less forced into adopting into adopting Objective C. While Apple has loosened that death grip on its requirement for the app store, its a sure bet most billionaires will require Objective C in their hiring.

HTML5 may be the next generation web, but its in its infancy and wont be fully adopted for at least 3 years.

Then theres the fact of pouring a shitload of resources into something you assume will be the dominating mobile OS of the future. In a few years, Android might just kick iOS's square in the nuts.
The editors of UW's student newspaper are going to wonder where the sudden deluge in insane right-wing letters to the editor came from. (To the extent that they stand out from the typical breathless, reactionary, ill-thought-out stuff that they normally find in their mailbag.)
@8 tell me about it - 3/4ths of their columnists are right wing Fox hacks already.
Jules Verne predicted the telecom newspaper more than a hundred years ago in his futuristic "In the Year 2889".

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