The elder George Bush says that he thinks Mitt Romney would make a "very good president." Combined with Barbara Bush's comment about wanting Sarah Palin to stay in Alaska, the Bushes appear to have made their 2012 Republican preferences known.

Sarah Palin is turning this into a full-on Republican class war. She dismisses the Bushes' comments, saying "the blue bloods—and I say it with all due respect" want to pick and choose the party's next candidate without allowing for competition. Palin adds that the candidates who are chosen by the blue bloods are the people who got us into "economic woeful times" in the first place.

If Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney remain the front-runners, we're going to see a remarkable fight in the Republican Party over the next year and a half. Can Palin pull off Republican class warfare? Can you get Republicans mad about people with money without risking their becoming...well...not Republicans anymore?