Random attacks propagated by strangers is a fear that most people share—unless you happen to be 6'5" or a Spartan (or a shark). The reason this fear is so universal is because you can't prepare for a random attack, or guard against it. When such an attack happens—when a man is killed by a stranger with a hatchet—it is simply horrifying.

But there is a spectrum to the horror—that is to say, some attacks are gruesome, others are simply bizarre (though at the time, no less fear inducing). According to a police report, on Sunday, November 21nd, a man and his mother were walking down the 900 Block of Denny Way (near the Whole Foods market) at 1:35 p.m. when, out-of-the-fucking-blue, a woman approached the couple and started screaming at them, “in what appeared to sound like an Asian language,” the police report states. Before the couple could react, the woman allegedly “picked up dirt from the planting strip and threw it” at the mother and son, striking them in the face and head. In horror, the victims tried to avoid the woman, but the suspect allegedly “continued to throw dirt at them, striking them with it,” even hitting the mother on the head and giving her a headache.

The suspect then fled the scene as suddenly as she'd appeared. The victims contacted the police, who saw “clods of dirt on the sidewalk,” somewhat corroborating their story. Both victims refused medical treatment—the son had dirt in his eyes, but said he was otherwise fine, and the mother's headache dissipated rapidly.

Interestingly, the police report states that the suspect "matches the description of the suspect in several recent assaults which have taken place in the area, the most recent of which happened yesterday." The victims noted that they'd be willing to "cooperate in a prosecution of [the suspect] if she's apprehended."

The suspect remains at large. Pedestrians along Denny Way beware.