Woah. Slog. Slog! Damn turkey coma. Fixing.
Actually Murray had 52.36% of the vote. And if you do the math you'll see that I picked her to win with 52.32%, the differential of which has michaelp (who overbid) and me tied.
"Overbid?" What is this, the fucking Price is Right? But yeah, that sounds like a tie to me.
@2: True enough, in terms of the percentages, but you didn't offer a percentage prediction.

You offered a raw vote total prediction. And while that prediction was impressively close to the actual result, it set you up for a two step comparison.

There was a compelling simplicity (and when one's in a turkey coma compelling simplicity is... compelling) to michaelp's prediction. Therefore, he got the post.

But you definitely get bragging rights, too. Your call was pretty damn close.
michaelp is HAWT.
@5, no shit. Woof.
It's true. I am pretty hot. And I effing pwned this. I forgot what my Wiggins margin prediction was, but I think that was pretty close, too.

Where did I put that fucking NyQuil...
Oh wow...I have two different things. I'm a fucking tool.
no, honey. you're not a fucking tool, you HAVE a fucking tool.
Please stop using Nyquil to sleep. It contains acetominophen (tylenol) which is very hard on the liver. It also contains a lot of alcohol, which if you drink already makes the acetominphen even more damaging. You can get the same effect by doing a shot and taking 50 mg. of diphenhydramine (generic benadryl) that combo is much less damaging and it's cheaper.
@10 - I assure you, NyQuil is the least of my liver's worries.

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