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The word you want is "horde". A hoard is a collection of valuable objects or artifacts, sometimes purposely buried in the ground. A horde is a vast multitude. You are pluralizing the collection of valuable objects or artifacts. Maybe you thought you were pluralizing vast multitudes, but why would you pluralize a vast multitude? Isn't a singular vast multitude enough?
You are so very right. Thank you.
When you write a memoir, Cienna, I want it to be entitled "Chased by a Battalion of Teenage Trombones."
@1- the tone you want is informative, but not dickish.

Keep trying.
UPDATE: Just got an enthusiastic voicemail from a Macy's representative. They heard about my "wonderful coverage" of their parade on Slog and wanted to know if it would be in next week's paper.

My hangover marches on, unabated. (Thank God it's got a good fight song.)
The best part of my day was strolling to the Convention Sta. bus stop and watching the wee balloons deflate.

'...Teenage Tromboners'

I know it should be trombone player, but that sounds so flaccid.

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