I can never seem to remember how to spell certain words. I've been sort of writing this post in my head for ages, but upon misspelling the word "license" two different ways just now, I knew I had to confess. I don't know if it's a byproduct of having spellcheck available most of my writing life, or a genetic predisposition, or some combination of what-have-you. All I know is that I am a horrible speller. It usually crops up when there are too many vowels next to each other or even employed closely together in a word, but not always. (See license, in which I often transpose the c and s.) I have only recently memorized the spelling of the word "necessary" (another example of the c/s problem) after years of getting it wrong. And it's not like I ever really try to learn or memorize the spelling of problematic words, either. Why would you, when you can simply right-click on the offending party and correct it in a fraction of a second (without even ever really knowing how to actually spell it)? It reminds me of that old adage (here I almost typed "old adverb"): Once you write something down, you no longer have to remember it. Also, as long as we're getting personality flaws out of the way, I have a very short attention span and am easily distracted. What the hell is my problem?

Addendum: Words misspelled during the writing of this post.

• license
• available
• predisposition
• adage

• knew
• longer

*These were due to poor self-editing and being stoned last night.