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I'm going to kill myself.
I think this calls for another pot of coffee.
I have quit coffee before. For six months. It was a living hell. I tried hot tea and hot cocoa but, somehow, every day seemed hollow. But this time, if I need to, I will reduce my intake by half.
Hoarding beans is a bad idea, unless you're planning to hoard the green bean and roast it yourself, since coffee starts to lose its wonderfulness (although not its caffeine) pretty soon after it reaches the cooling tray.
Thanks. As if coffee drinkers weren't more prone to anxiety already.

On a side note, I'm amused that the WSJ article quotes an analyst named Kona.
Freeze the suckers.

I wouldn't hoard them though.

You can still buy a 1 kilo tin of fair-trade organic coffee for about $9 at Trader Joe's or Costco tho.

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