Why do holiday sales have to occur during the brawlers' sports seasons? When I think of the loot I could get with Cortland Finnegan as my Black Friday proxy shopper in the States, and a member of the Ottawa Senators hockey team covering for me at a Boxing Day Sale I could just weep.
i'm ready to go back to the 90's Stranger, when it was sports-free.
Go for it, Max!
You guys suck for not talking more about Seattle's only successful men's sporting team, the two-time defending champion Seattle Sounders. I demand Sounders coverage next season! Or else I'll set Bailo on you.

Nothing about America's newest Homosexual Hero?

The latest role model for GLTB youth??

U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning ; Patriot and Leaker?

What would our military be without brave patriotic mentally sound homosexuals in the ranks?

@Max Solomon

Well it cant all be ads for shitty bars, phone sex lines and hopeless single want ads.
Hockey Style! That fight was epic.

I assume they would have shown a clip of Seattle if there was anything interesting to show. You have a young/injured team with a highly overrated quarterback, so be patient dear Seahawks. This isn't your year.

Who there, Joe Szilyagi.

I'm a Sounders fan myself, but to call them Seattle's ONLY successful men's sporting team is downright false.

The Husky men's basketball team has been pretty successful for a few years now, and while they've had two early losses, those were against Top-10 opponents.
It's also false to call the Sounders "defending champions." They're not any more.
Why is Pauly D playing for the Tennessee Titans?
@8, OK, I'll give you UW men's basketball. I forgot they made the NCAA playoffs the past two years (I'm a fan of the other Huskies).

@9 The Sounders coming into next season are still defending US Open Cup champions out for a three-peat, until/if they are knocked out of the tournament.
Wow, that Finnegan dude... what a wuss. He should be forced to wear tights and pads from now on... oh wait...

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