Good morning, Charles. Please take your meds.
Alternate, and far more likely explanation: the American-aligned Arab states are just as likely as Israel to think that it would be a great idea for the global hegemon to take out one of their regional rivals for power.

"Let's you and him fight" has rarely been a losing strategy in geopolitics.
Actually, Charles, the last batch of wikileaks is more interesting in it's proof that Pakistan is not our ally and is just as much a threat to America as Saudi Arabia is.

Unless you hate Portland, Oregon.
dramatic as those two sentences from hegel are, let's remember that the position of charles' israel is that of the 'slave' (iran, in this case, is the 'master'), and that this relationship is essential for the slave to cultivate self-consciousness through work. moreover, the slave realizes that 'everything stable' is not the natural or existing state of things, but is the result of his own labor.

if i had to place a bet on the point of this post, i would say it is that existential fear of a nuclear iran is, for israel and its 'quiet partners', the first step toward working toward a more stable region, rather than continuing to build settlements and further agitating the situation. by 'other-ing' iran, a collective subjectivity among israel and its 'partners' might arise (founded on fear, built by working together). profound or not, a little german romantic philosophy on monday morning seems like a good thing.
Isn't fun to have to speculate on the meaning of Mudede post? It's like one of those Magic Eye puzzles.
Arabs don't like Persians... fuck, does everybody in the world have to be racist?
Arabs don't even like each other much, OC. Don't forget the whole Sunni/Shiite thing.
I like to skip over the name of the slogger so that I get surprised when I run into Mudede's insane ramblings.

It's like a fun Easter egg.
@7 for the sad sad sad true win.
@8: I always do that. I'll just read the articles, and feel smug when I look up to confirm that I just identified a Mudede post.
@6 - Yes. God demands it. Everyone who worships a god other than yours must burn. This applies to everyone.

( ; =
I can see why the Arabs don't admit much liking for Existentialism after the shabby way Camus treated them.
@7 2shay 5280, I'll try again... fuck, does everybody in the world have to be tribalist?

@11 Well, at least it doesn't apply to many of my screaming atheist brothers and sisters here on slog. That much helps me get trhrough the day.
Hurrah, @12!

Even funnier when you remember this rag is called the Stranger.

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