• Mark Kaufman
In a move that's surprising the mayor's office, Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin plans to introduce his own legislative agenda today, detailing what he thinks the city should be advocating for in Olympia this session—for instance, how the city should approach the state on tunnel cost overruns. The move effectively sidesteps the mayor's proposed legislative agenda, which was also submitted to the council today.

Normally, when crafting the city's legislative agenda, city departments send requests to the mayor for what the city should focus on during the legislative session. The mayor then works with Office of Intergovernmental Relations to craft an agenda, which is sent down for the council to consider. The council then amends and passes the city's legislative agenda.

Obviously, Conlin has a different idea about how things should proceed this year. He could not be reached for comment because the full council is currently in session.

According to the mayor's office, in addition to watering down the city's agenda for 520 and the tunnel, Conlin's legislative agenda also appears to ignore the high priority that the mayor's legislative agenda (at the request of fellow council member Sally Bagshaw) placed on securing full funding for the housing trust fund, which promotes transitional and short-term housing programs. Conlin's agenda also appears to ignore the city's interest in advocating for foreclosure assistance programs, according to the mayor's office.

More details as they come, or watch the muted drama here.