Still, refreshing to have the mayor's office admit to confusion, if only when they can pin it on their nemesis.
Why does the President hate Seattle so?
Did we elect him mayor? I don't remember doing so...
Oops, I see the mayor's office didn't like "confusing" after all.
It appears as though Conlin has lost his mind. Not only is he selling out to big money interests who might fund his campaign for mayor, which will make him less appealing to his base, he's doing it on issues that are generally unpopular among this city's voters.

Not to mention that he's making McGinn look like he has the ability to work with other people and actually lead. And that's fairly difficult to do right now.

Richard - this is backfiring on you.
In many ways, the story is a tempest in a teapot: The council and mayor have been working together for the past several weeks to reconcile their differences over the city’s legislative agenda, which are well known.…
Seattle is playing good-cop/idiot-cop against Olympia. Someone remind me of which one is the good-cop, please.
Beware of a counsel presidents who smile while they have someone else come from behind and kick you in the nuts. (Cowards don't kick if it's remotely possible they would get caught and have their wimpy ass kicked.)
His "loyal" staff complain about the treatment of women in his own office; his own department budget is not balanced, and he's poised to give a bunch of raises in the near future, like he did before at the end of the year when no one was paying attention. Watch this rugrat closely - there's so much more that's not so "transparent", but the curtain will be raised...

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