A pile of presents is waiting for you!
  • A pile of presents is waiting for you!
It's time to clean out the closet—the annual Slog Happy gift exchange is just a couple weeks away! The gift exchange is always the best Slog Happy of the year and this year's party will be on Thursday, December 16th, at Central Cinema, during their cartoon happy hour. Who doesn't love cartoons?

Besides food, cartoons, and drink specials, we'll also have PRESENTS! To participate in the gift exchange, you just have to bring a wrapped gift to the party—something old, something new, something you don't want anymore—and we'll put 'em all in a pile. Then we'll draw numbers and everyone will take turns picking a package. There are always interesting things in the mix—cock cozies, fancy bottles of champagne, banana holders (as in a plastic container for fruit, not a man's thong), porn, mixed tapes, and so much more. Last year I got a Thai cookbook. The year before that I got an autographed photo of Joh posing as Matthew McConaughey.


I'll have more details as we get closer to the party, but mark your calendars now (December 16th!) and start scouring for the perfect or weirdest gift.

(If you're feeling extra ambitious, you could make something for the gift exchange and holy shit, there are crafting experts in Questionland right now to answer any questions you might have about knitting, gluing, sewing, and making! How convenient.)