My feeling is the Wikileaks are actually very useful to everyone, including those in power. They clear the air, and give strategists useful and very cheap information. The power players of the world get a chance to see better and revise alliances, intensify this tie, weaken that one. Really, this thing about China and North Korea is news to everyone...

Officials in China have expressed frustration with communist ally North Korea, according to leaked classified US diplomatic cables.

Pyongyang was behaving like a "spoiled child", a Chinese foreign ministry official is quoted as having said in 2009, in cables released by Wikileaks.

Officials reportedly told South Korean counterparts that Beijing placed little value on the North as a buffer state.

The peninsula should be reunified under Seoul's control, they suggested.

Pyongyang must be in a state of confusion. But what one wants to know is the nature of this confusion—is it bad or good? In the future we will see that the Wikileaks assisted American power, rather disrupted it. Why? Because they confirm its power, its centrality in the affairs of the world.