It's also the perfect gift for the person who can't stand not being noticed for even a moment.
Yeah, because we all know how much those TSA employees give a shit.
Is it wrong that my primary concern about the scanners is that they willl see my carefully hidden flab?
Canuck, you make a good point. I think a large number of false detentions will be spurred by TSA agents noticing shifty expressions on peoples' faces - shifty expressions brought on by evahbody sucking in they belly passing through.
So, what happens when you try to walk through the old school metal detector with your fancy "Metallic Ink-Printed" 4th Amendment Wear?
I'm traveling soon, and I'm hoping that I can post my TSA full body scan directly to my facebook page. My friends, family and co-workers to know IMMEDIATELY that I made it safely through the airport.
Dominic I like the work you do but please consider refraining from characterizing this as a liberal issue. It's one of the few things it seems these days even conservatives seem to agree is a problem.

Not all but some conservatives seem to be caught up in identifying themselves as the opposite of liberal. If enough people characterize this as a liberal issue, suffice it to say, there are conservatives who will creduously oppose.

Just a thought. Any victory over government encroachment on our rights is a big deal at this point and it might take everyone standing together to see any positive action.

Not to mention the rehumanizing of our eagerly polarized populous that stands to occur, even in the smallest capacity if there could just once be a victory had that took the work of the constituency as much as it's elected officials on both sides of the aisle.

Out before partisan reflex.
@7: While "populous" is, indeed, a word, I think you mean "populus."

Yours truly,

The Grammar Police
Don't you mean the testes liberal holiday traveler?
Thanks all the same, but I think I prefer keep my balls free from unnecessary radiation.
... of course, if this were a 4th Amendment issue these would be relevant, but since it's not, they're just cute.

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