For months, rumors have been circulating that Seattle Center director Robert Nellams is negotiating a deal with Mayor Mike McGinn to allow both a controversial Chihuly Museum and a KEXP studio onto its campus. Now Seattle City Council member Sally Bagshaw confirms that the rumors are true.

When asked on the phone yesterday evening if a Chihuly museum or KEXP were slated for the Seattle Center's Arcade Pavilion, Bagshaw said, "what Robert is trying to do is work out an opportunity so that there's more than just an either/or solution. Yes to Chihuly, Yes to KEXP, potentially yes to others as well."

Bagshaw added that Nellams has discussed with the mayor putting KEXP "elsewhere on campus," meaning that the Chihuly museum would likely take over the Arcade Pavilion, and that she is "honoring and supporting his efforts."

Tom Mara, executive director of KEXP, said he couldn't comment on the Seattle Center's plans. Seattle Center spokeswoman Deborah Daoust hasn't returned repeated calls to comment and the mayor—who will ultimately decide what's placed at Seattle Center—isn't giving away much. "We're still in talks with all parties," says Aaron Pickus, McGinn's spokesman. "Nothing final's been decided."