I didn;t vote for some quisling.

I voted for a "fierce advocate"...I voted for "Hope and Change"!

What the FUCK is this?
Olive branch?

The republicans have never come at the president and the democrats with anything other than a battleaxe.

I find nothing surprising or out of the ordinary in the republican's stance. It's exactly the same stance they've been in for the last two years. If any democrats are shocked or upset by this, perhaps they need to turn their brains back on. This is republican business-as-usual.
This just in: Republicans are uncooperative and childish!
I am always surprised at how the republican machine can trick dems and liberals into accepting right wing political talking points without them realizing it.

How many progressive, liberal and/or democrats have you heard bash Obama and his 2 year record? How many voted republican to "teach him a message!" This was the simple result of being an idiot and not caring enough to know what you are reading/listening to is coming from.

Obama might not be perfect, and disappointment is a valid feeling in this climate, but he is SO MUCH BETTER than these shill republicans that spent the last 10 years destroying America then Obama.

Now that he was bashed in the media and they decided that they "won" this fight, the wishy-washy political enthusiasts are countering with some defense for Obama.

I really wish we had robots for politicians, then at least all this crap would be fun.
Everyone at this point from POTUS on down to the local Democrat level--POTUS to DNC to Congress to Senate to things like King County Dems--needs to from now on go 24x7 Saul Alinsky on the entire GOP, Tea Bag, and conservative infrastructure. Break them, shame them, demonize them, dehumanize them, make them so intolerable that all but their most devout idealogues will be unable to stand with them. Break them for a better world that will come up afterward.
The Repugnants will do anything to give the rich a break from taxes. Let's play their game. No tax breaks without their support first. And have the fucking balls to make that stand!
I don't understand why the Dems aren't continually hammering THEIR OWN tax cuts. Obama cut the taxes on everybody who matters; it's only the rich who will pay when these old cuts, which we simply cannot afford, expire. The Dems cut my taxes and yours, but they seem to be allergic to reminding people that.
This is how a two-party system operates and you contribute to the divide when you choose one of the sides. These two parties love the strangle hold they have on our system and I honestly believe they are happy to pass the majority back and forth to keep the anger alive and themselves in power. If you think you are getting Change voting for a D or R you are kidding yourself.
If you think you are getting Change voting for someone other than a D or R you're stupid.
@10 - Well, yeah, because a third party can't win. I don't know how to change the system but it's clearly rigged and getting fired up about a two party partisan system in which both side are happy stringing us all along is just going to drive you insane.
Terrible, terrible president.
@4: not many "progressive, liberal and/or democrats" "voted republican to "teach him a message!"

in most cases, liberals showed up and voted for liberals. it was the youth, minorities, and the 'obama independents' who didn't show up at the polls, period. the sheer numbers of votes was far below 2008, and most of those missing votes were for dems. the Tea Party rubes showed up.
@11 it will eventually get to the point the Tea Party ends up forking, breaking the entire system.
How petulant. Learn a word besides "No" guys.
@14 - I hope you are right about that but the D vs. R false choice seems strong as ever and there are a lot of forces at work on both sides trying to ridicule and marginalize the Tea Party. People should rightfully worry about the crazies that glom onto any third party that manages any steam but that only happens because those crazies have nowhere to go. Hopefully the Tea Party can live long enough to get rid of all the crazies and become the social liberal, fiscal conservative party that we badly need.
The situation is similar to when the Gingrich GOP shut down the government while Clinton was in office.

Clinton, being a skilled politician, took advantage of the situation and successfully cast the GOP as petulant, obstructionist, do-nothings. Obama and the Dems should and could do the same thing here, but that would require Obama to actually confront the GOP, something he is inexplicably unwilling to do. Sigh.

Hillary has some big ass Cajones. She was too centrist for me, but now compared to this, I think maybe she wouldn't have put up with this. Axlerod slid her into SOS so she wouldn't run against the BO in 12. Fuck these pussies

And 8 is right on, the Ds should be plastering THEIR tax cuts all over. Fuck this Shiiiiit
@14, no. If the tea party splits the Republican party, the system won't break; the Republican party will. Democrats will simply win. And then the Republicans will have to come up with some way of reuniting themselves, or Democrats will continue to win.

This is not hugely different than what happened to the Republicans before, when Ross Perot stalked the land, and gave us Clinton, or to the Democrats back when the liberals and conservatives split, giving us McGovern and thus more Nixon.

The two party system will always heal itself. The only way to break it is for BOTH parties to split in half, but a split in one party will always bring the other party together, because they can smell victory.

I don't know why this is so hard for people to understand. The two party system isn't going to go away just because one of the parties goes bananas. In fact, as a Democrat, I've got a raging hardon for a split in the Republican party. Bring it on, Palin; run on a third ticket. I'm begging you. Right on down the ticket, bring the crazy. Maybe the grownups can get something done then.
Dear democrats, please call them on this bluff. Stop letting them hold it over your heads. Let 'em filibuster. Bring pillows and hot coco and don't let them stop talking for a minute. Bring in every camera CSPAN has and get the attention of every news outlet that isn't Fox. Let the whole country see them blathering on and on and refusing to let the country be governed and doing everything they can to stymie any possible progress. It'll be great.
I think we just need to keep pointing out how the Republicans keep standing in the way of progress towards a better world and blame that lack of progress on everyone else. Getting people to look past their hype is the tough part but it needs to be done.
"If voting changed anything, they'd abolish it."
-- Ken Livingstone
Hmm, kind of like the Truman years when Truman tried to get national health care, but the Republicans blocked that, and the Republicans overrode his veto of the Taft-Hartley Act. At least the mediocre health care law passed already. Hopefully, it won't be watered down anymore than it is. Or maybe it'll get repealed, the health care system will collapse, and there will be no option but to have a single payer system. Republicans, the party of no no no no no no no (said in a high, whiney voice).
@20 - Obviously in the short term one party splitting would benefit the one that did not but if a viable third party was able to emerge it would certainly grab a portion of the dominate party over time.
Normally I say WHAT cause I didn't hear what was said. But these last few years it's all WHAT as in 'they did WHAT'... sigh...
@25, how would it do that, exactly? Who in their right mind would say "you know, I hate that my guys win all these elections all the time; I think I'll switch over to these losers who always come in third".

The only thing that makes third parties viable is proportional representation, which we don't have and aren't getting.

The classic third party in action in a two-party world are Britain's Lib Dems and their predecessors, who made Thatcher possible and are currently embroiled in an absolutely disastrous rape festival with the Tories, which has completely destroyed their credibility forever and has aged their leader twenty years in the last three months. Not something we should be looking to emulate.
Um, the Republicants do know they're now the Government, don't they?

Speaking of which, where are the 500,000 jobs they were supposed to give us in November?
you, and your president;
have been, and remain;
our bitches...
I have trouble fathoming just how bad the Democrats are at politics. Right now the Republicans entire platform is tax cuts and deficit reduction, aka THEIR ENTIRE PLATFORM IS AN OXYMORON, and yet the Dems continue to let it stand uncontested like it's actually a logically consistent position. They all need to take remedial rhetoric, logic and economics classes asap.
There's the Republican ideal of bipartisan cooperation right there - we bend over and they fuck us again.

Want a viable third party? Then learn how the political system works. I have yet to see a third party organization in this state that does anything sensibly. You have to form legislative district organizations, elect precinct committee officers, and start THERE. Work from the grassroots neighborhood organization. Get your candidates elected as the local fire commissioner, to the school boards, small town city council. THEN run those people for state legislature or other district-wide offices. Only when they're getting elected at that level do you attempt to run a candidate for statewide office or national office. It's asinine to put up a candidate for Governor if you don't have a legislative district organization or any PCOs - you don't have any boots on the ground to doorbell voters or raise campaign cash.

The third parties in this state have the organizational abilities of housecats.
@29: Oh baby! Make it hurt!

@31: Have you ever seen housecats organize their litterboxes? Don't sell them short.
@32 the housecats can't even get elected dogcatcher.

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