Colleen is brother Bill's girlfriend. anyone who read 'The Commitment' would know that. duh.
Aww, Dan, you've got relatives in Evergreen Park? My mom lives in Mt. Greenwood. Let's do lunch the next time we find ourselves in that desolate region called Chicago's far (FAR) southwest side.
Could you at least tell us... why?
@44 - HAHAHahAHHAHAHA A little late to the game, but that cracked me up. Although I do love the Godfather and swallowing, you can be my spokesperson on anything cute widdle bunny related.

Sounds like your mom would have subjected you to a few viewings of the Sound of Music. Check out Leslie H.'s essay. Her cat has set his own little ditty to "A Few of My Favorite Things". Classic. If I could vote again, she'd definitely get the nod for that.
Why yes, glengarry, we *did*, now that you mention it, watch The Sound of Music whenever it was on...hmmm. That cat version of the song is cute, although I've always thought that would do well reworked in snark...I think I'll put it on my to do list for 2011...
@33 Thanks!

Oh I know Americans say "cannolis," even my Italian-American husband...but it just sounds so wrong. It's probably my Italian teacher Mrs. Serafini-Sauli still in my head after all these years...

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