I can't believe I just voted for a farkin' cat...the things your *blind* monkeys do for you, Dan...
Does Nancy Pelosi remind anyone else of Jerri Blank?…
5 more of these and you're karmically neutral for IGBP, just fyi.
@3 I doubt he'll ever be karmically neutral for IGBP. The world is a better place. The least we can do is like a cat profile ;-)
Darnit Dan, I'm allergic to cats.
@4 Dammit, you make a good point...
billy's girlfriend, right? the kitties are adorable!
Okay, now I'm relatively certain you've had brownies for dessert: Asking a favour made sense...calling upon us to do a service, and then saying "but it might not happen," is, like, a contradiction, yo?
@8 Clearly you've never seen The Godfather...
@9 I know it has a scene with a horse head in a bed, and Marlon Brando had tampons in his cheeks...but, if I may humbly submit, I am a chick, and we don't tend to memorize Godfather lines. Or something. (I still think he's been at the brownies.)
I feel dirty.
You better hope my chilluns don't ever find out I voted for someone that wasn't them.
Just to be on the safe side, I'll sleep with one eye open for a while.
The least I can do! Who are these people with 1500 likes?? They're goin down!
(I'm guessing sister. I see the resemblance, or at least I'm imagining one.)
Oh yes Exalted One, we live to do thy bidding! ;-)

Wow... Slog is letting you down, Dan... More votes, people!
Canuck, every chick worth her ovaries knows and uses Godfather lines. My favorite is, "leave the gun . . . take the cannolis."
I'm always happy to vote on webpages that appear to have been designed by Bess Truman.

And I do admire you finding a way to be mad about the tax vote on the grounds that it didn't happen when it couldn't have. Not many cornflake bowls get by you unpeed-in.
No, Dan, you've got it all wrong.

But maybe some day I'll ask you to do a service for me. If I ever do, you can bet your bippy it won't be for something as mundane as this, though.
And Canuck, you never saw the Godfather? Or how about Part II?

This line comes early in the movie, when Don Vito agrees to do a solid for an undertaker, but in exchange for the promise of a future favor.

Turned out later the favor was rendering open-casket presentable the body of his bullet-riddled eldest son Santino. So I guess upvoting a cat lady isn't too much to ask compared to that.
Canuck, wait...I forgot to say "spoiler alert"...ooops...hope you don't check back here....
Okay, full disclosure: Watching the Godfather is not on my to-do list at the moment, so you are off the hook, spoiler-wise (whew!) I know, I know, it's a classic, but what can I say, I was raised by a single mum whose taste ran to the Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind, violent mob movies just didn't figure. (My own TV viewing was more along the lines of Monty Python and Benny Hill...) But I did watch Eastern Promises, because it had my lovely Viggo in it, sigh. And nocutename, that's a great quote, even out of context! I LOVE cannolis! (cannolae??) Now hanging out in Boston's North End on a Sunday with real mobsters, no doubt, eating cannolis and drinking coffee was something my mum and I *did* do...
@1 I know, huh?
And actually, you should go see Godfather I & II (or read them, which is what I did). III is optional. Tho I guess the horse & the tampons pretty much summarize the pop culture aspects...
This is not a Godfather thread. Please go vote for the cat lady.
Oy! Okay, I don't want to have my Slog card rescinded, so I will make a serious effort to watch it. But then I'm going to have to cleanse my palate with a little "Follow the Yellow Brick Road"...
@23 Geez, we voted for the cat lady an hour ago! And you started it...apparently.
In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.

I voted already! :-P
You are really abusing your power, Dan. And yet, I voted, because I am a zombie with no will of my own.
Since I'm from Chicago, I voted twice! It felt so nostalgic.
As for the house vote... it's nice to see one vertebrae of a spine show up suddenly. It's probably not going to fare well in the Senate, which is being held hostage by the GOP in what is now SOP.
I've reread that article several times, and I literally can not make sense of the arguments offered by assorted R's (and some D's) quoted here on why they won't vote to drop the cuts.
I voted for Coleen K. ,but I always feel guilty about the other nice animals on these things...
@21 Cannoli is plural. One cannolo, two cannoli.
One raviolo, two ravioli. Etc.
Once a word becomes anglicized, you can pluralize it with the usual English rules. Cannoli is indeed the Italian plural, and one such tasty treat in Italy is uno cannolo. Just as one ravioli is a ravolo: but no one eats one freakin' raviolo.

And in the sales situation, you go into a bakery or cafe in Italy and the sign doesn't say "Cannolo" it says "Cannoli" because they have more than one for sale. So the English, fools that they were, made the Italian plural the English singular, hence cannolis.

Love your avatar!
It's an uphill battle vs Joan A!
Oh personally I'd have gone with cannolus and raviolus for the respective singular variants.
@23, I voted for Colleen, but I think that one needs more than 2 cats before becoming a cat lady. Having done a lot of pet sitting, my personal threshold of "cat lady" is 3 cats (if all are elderly and require medical care) and 4 or more cats (if all are reasonably healthy). Double-digit cats (unless you're fostering baby kittens and their mother) is just crazy.
Cats, the Godfather, and a grammatical cannoli discussion? Has everyone been eating the brownies?
I voted, with a sense of relief, because after the headline I was assuming I would have to make presentable Bill's bullet ridden body.
I tried to vote five times, top make up for starting the "cannoli" thread, but I don't think my last one counted.
Canuck: are you talking Mike's Pastry in Boston's North End?
OOOOMG!!! (and then you take your cannoli next door to that cafe, and get a really good latte to go with them.
P.S. I wasn't trying to start a grammatical thread, though I appreciate Chicago Fan's input; I was just trying to quote The Godfather accurately. But I may have misremembered.
@23 Done and done. :D

@10 Please do not speak for all women. If you'd like to run for the Great Representative for All Women Everywhere for next year, get someone to nominate you at the upcoming meeting. Thanks!
Okay, voted.

Now, re: Women and The Godfather. My sister is a huge fan, so much so that my brother and I gave her a large framed print of the wedding portrait from the movie to her for HER wedding.

"May your first child be a masculine child."
"why the fuck..." Danny asks?

because Pelosi is the most incompetent sack of shit ever sent to congress.

glad she's on your team.....
no cute name - it's all about Modern Pastry in the North End of Boston.

everyone should at least be able to recognize Godfather quotes, except anything coming from the godawful Godfather III.

i don't vote for anonymous people's cats in general. but just because this is an awful precedent, i'm voting for the woman who can beat Colleen K.
Nocutename, I wish I knew the name, but I was just a kid, and my mom loved all things Italian, so we went frequently. We also got those wacky marzipan lambs for Easter...

And Cow (not even touching that...), sorry, maybe you didn't get the memo, but I DO, in fact, speak for women everywhere! We love purple thongs, donuts (but not the ones with raisins), wittle cute bunnies, and we really don't like to swallow, no matter what we say in bed. How's that? :)
I just voted again. Wow: Joan A!
I want to know which advise columnist she has pimping votes for her--Dear Abby, perhaps?
She's an unstoppable force of nature.
Ok. Did it. But Slog is not winning. More votes!
You can vote as many times as you want if you close your browser and re-open it. It's a great way to avoid doing constructive things with your time, and help out Dan Savage! :)

I've hit a bit of a dilemma: I think a couple of the other essays are better.

Oh, wait, I guess I don't care about the integrity of the Purina(R) Tidy Cats(R) for Multiple Cats: The Search for America's Most Welcoming Home contest. And according to the official rules, there's no prohibition against this sort of vote solicitation. In fact, it appears it's would be completely within the rules to offer people compensation for their votes, though it doesn't really seem worth it.

Vote cast; Colleen's going to need the help, as she's trailing Joan A. and Jessica W. by a considerable amount.

@8: Yeah, the line is sort of backward, if anything this situation would lead to Slog calling on Dan to do us a service. Okay Dan, I'm calling-in my favor: I insist that you write a weekly, nationally-syndicated sex-and-relationship advice column, published in independent weekly periodicals near us. Also, do a podcast. And do it all with snarky wit and without self-censorship. That's a fair exchange for clicking "Like", right?
@48 I think he should also admit that he watches Glee, probably while wearing a cheerleader's uniform...
Got a Godfather fan in your life? Have I got a Christmas gift idea for you!…
I normally refuse to do these things, as I feel it's unfair and turns any kind of contest into a "who is most connected" contest, which is stupid. But I did this, because I'm a sheep for Dan.

Also, quite enjoyed this hilariously hijacked thread.
Voted. Possibly multiple times (they should really fix that). P.S. Tidy Cats is a crappy litter brand.
Not your personal army.
Baa baa baaaa. Voted from home, multiple browsers; from work, multiple browsers (la la la la...)
How many people voted for someone else besides Colleen, out of spite for being told what to do?
Local software company Tableau caves to Joe Lieberman, removes graphics describing Wikileaks documents from site.…

Main Office 837 North 34th Street, Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98103
206.633.3004 fax
Someday, Dan, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to answer a sex/relationship question... so I voted multiple times today.
@54 BEG, that's not the sound a blind monkey makes, you just have to look evil and flap your imaginary monkey wings...

"sheep go to heaven, goats (monkeys?) go to hell, but I just want to play on my pan pipes, I just want drink me some la la"
@55 i didn't.. in fact i didn't vote at all.. but i'm starting to feel the pressure. i know a few dogs ( ..and not pit bulls neither..i have standards) and they'll be none too happy that i'm considering helping out a cat..especially a cat i don't know. these dogs aren't open minded or fair or balanced.they would oive to personally bash a cat - they never have, but if no one was watching out ? then... but they're my friends. ( shout out to gloucestershire and chaka..woot ! woot! ).. however i just know that i'm going to need a favor...soon.. and since i don't help people move or dish out turkey for the homeless, i might have to do this.
Canuck, I refuse to believe Dan watches Glee. At last month's Glamour Women of the Year awards, for Glee creator Ryan Murphy's birthday Julia Roberts got the crowd--Constance McMillen, Queen Rania of Jordan, Donatella Versace, Arianna Huffington, Hawa Abdi, Gayle King, Cher, etc. etc.--to sing him "Happy Birthday".

Dan does not watch Glee.
As of 11:20am RMT Colleen is in the lead - 2274 to Joan's 2061.
Awaiting further instruction
Danbot #24
But I think he *wants* to watch it, gus, he protests a bit too much. And ooo, Queen Rania is SO pretty! I hear she has a handbag fetish, too.

Do you think Dan is going yell at us again now? *sniff, sob*
We voted for his cat lady, Canuck, so we have some hijacking privileges here...
I voted on my netbook, personal computer and iphone.
Bahhh! I'm a sheep!
oops RMT =MST
Okay, Dan, I did it. Now tell me why you wanted me to.
The things I do for you, Dan.

...Now I demand you tell us a story about your recent Colbert Report taping to appease us. Well, me.

I'm just pissed that I can't vote twice.
All right, I voted for you (and her) despite the fact that I despise cats. It was her writing about being solicitous of those with allergies that convinced me it was ok to vote for her. Absent that I probably would have abstained from voting.
All right, now I just voted again because Joan A makes me want to vomit. Now I support Colleen on the merits.
@59 -- dangit! I'll never get the hang of these sound effect thingies you people like so much! ;-)

ook ook ook?
Damn, it IS a family thing, isn't it? Dan's calling in a couple favors in other places too. (Can't believe I caught the godfather reference in the title and wooshed past the family thing in the body...)

OMG, this thing goes on till the 15th?
What was the point of that?
What the cat wrote was cute. Nevertheless, damn you for involving me.
( : =
Despite the fact the "It Gets Better" videos keep making me bawl, I did.
It would only let me vote once...but she is ahead as of now, so yay Colleen K! :)
holy cow. likes on colleen's profile are up an order of magnitude from yesterday. i've now voted three times, and i figure i've done my part. good luck!
okay, i lied. there was one more thing i could do. i posted the vote page to facebook and instructed all my friends (but hid the post from those who are christians) to vote for dan savage's family in order to thank him for the IGBP. then i posted it again and made it visible only to friends who are christians, and asked them to vote for "a friend of a friend." :)
Done. tWas a small favor you asked for, Dan @ 23. Now, I get some whisky as a reward.
I have done thy bidding oh Savage One, and beg, that in future, you continue to use your AWESOME INTERNET POWERS for good.
I checked out the rules and it seems that this like-voting is only the second round... there's another round after this, where judges go to the houses of the two cats with the most votes and decide which is the best house.

So... it's not enough for us to just get more votes than this Joan A. character. It has to be an utterly demoralizing victory, to so crush her spirit that she can't tart her place up for the judges.

Anything I can do to help (that requires less than a minute of my time and doesn't require my email address)
Just so you know, over at Joe My God, Dan is trading lunch dates for cat lady votes...So, reprimanded for Godfather chat on Slog vs. lunch dates at Joe My God...I feel so cheap.
I'm a dog person, although I like cats I just haven't had one since I was little, but I voted anyway.

You owe me big Dan!
Now you've got me wondering what Colleen K. is holding over your head to make you do this for them? You, Dan Savage, asking people to vote for a cat? Is this your favorite Aunt or something? This smells really fishy.
She now has 5855 votes. Second place has 2816.
@87 I hear ya...curiouser and curiouser...maybe she's got some compromising photos of Dan watching a Glee taping, tears on his cheeks, "I <3 Kurt" T shirt on...
I want to know why dear Dan wants us to vote for a pair of pussies, too.
Dan, you should be ashamed of yourself for rigging a "kitty litter" contest. How far the mighty have fallen (sigh)...
woot! I got the 6000th like!
I don't care for this Joan A. person. I suspect it is members of her church that are supporting her for the win. I hope the sexy perverted crowd can pull it off for Colleen.

This does seem awfully out of character for Dan. A cat litter contest? He must owe her big.
Colleen K. is now the Bristol Palin of the Tidy Cat set.
I don't think it is enough for Colleen to win. I want Joan A to lose. While you are out voting multiple times, how about throwing some votes Jessica W's way? She is the best bet to take down Joan A. Remember that the top two make it to the judges round. Jessica even mentions cornholing right in her essay. (and football too for the straights)
@94, i LOLed.
I appreciate an opportunity to do something for you, Dan. Truly. Thanks for asking! GO COLLEEN K!!!!!
Excellent point, 95. Not only is there a lot of cornholing going on at Jessica's, it's in the back yard! She clearly deserves our support. If I weren't such a blind monkey, I'd even suggest that she deserves it more than Colleen K. does.
Vote for Dana D. She's the underdog (undercat?) and needs your support.
congrats, pathetic dan fanboys and girls.

your many votes count for 10% of the second round vote. the other 90% of the second round vote goes to "celebrity judges."

she doesn't move on because of this 10% victory. this contest you are rigging is already rigged - the like button is just a way for them to get more hits on their contest page.

don't be surprised at a backlash by the judges for the ridiculous rigging of this contest.

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