is down
Telegraph says:

Controversial website WikiLeaks is struggling to raise funds because financial services organisations are refusing to deal with it. PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and other banks previously connected to the organisation have now severed their ties and only direct transfers to the site’s bank account or postal donations to a PO Box in Australia are now being accepted.

WikiLeaks’ connections in the hacker community, however, mean that corporate websites are increasingly finding themselves under attack. A Swiss bank and have both been taken down by “denial of service” campaigns, which bombard websites with so many requests that they buckle under the strain

Wow. Imagine bombarding with so many requests it can't respond. Why would someone do such a thing to Could people really get that upset at Mastercard for not allowing their customers to spend money the way they want? I can't imagine that many people would get that annoyed at Mastercard. Maybe is down for routine maintenance or something.