I'm in Texas for next couple weeks doing theater stuff in San Antonio and talking-about-movies stuff in Austin and reconnecting with some dear old friends with whom I share a drama-kid past and an appreciation of comedy. So it came to pass that I was required to track down this skit from Saturday Night Live, featuring a passable Scarlett Johansson and a kablooey-brain-amazing Vanessa Bayer, who takes a joke I've seen replicated with various degrees of precision and success dozens of times over the past 25 years (the joke in short: what qualifies as Good Acting when you're a minor is INSANE) and nails it like no one else before. Dear people in charge: Please invent a Pulitzer Prize for comedic acting and give it to Vanessa Bayer (who is also responsible for this amazing Miley Cyrus impersonation).

The way she says "mountain" in the final scene makes me scream, cry, poop, and pee all at once.