Isn't a vigilante always off-duty?
I bet they were white guys.
Waitaminute - the guy TAZING a couple of belligerent drunks is the VICTIM in this story!?! What kind of psychopath are you?
he's just quoting from the report, Geo.

Anyone else not like the title? I had to read it 4 times, now I wish I never did... makes no sense.
@1 or the opposite, isn't a vigilante always on duty, at least in their own mind? And what do they mean 'officer', I'm wondering it's a security guard or something they are talking about. No cops I know carry tasers off duty, just their guns.
I would never want a gun, but I rather fancy a taser. I could have an awful lot of fun with one.

However, I have enough self-control and self-awareness to never let myself acquire one.
Speaking as a former occasional belligerent drunk, you just don't fuck around in the convenience store. Those guys are used to it and don't put up with much bullshit after dark.
These dbags are lucky the taser is the worst they got.
I like the headline better with some punctuation:

Man Tazes Convenience Store, Suspects Acting Belligerent

Also, belligerently, but you can't have everything.
Tazes isn't really a word. It's not a Tazer but a Taser. And it's an acronym so shortening it from Taser to Tases doesn't even really make sense. I think the correct grammar would be "Man Tasered Convenience Store Suspects..."

Now get it right next time or I'll taze your ass!
it wasn't one of the RLS clowns? like Phoenix Jones?
@3 i got that same weird feeling... The 'victim' sounds like he escalating everything! Weird. but I wasn't there so I don't know.

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