Seven Sudanese male models have been fined for wearing make-up by judges in northern Sudan, under controversial indecency laws.

The models and the woman who applied the make-up had been taking part in a show called Sudanese Next Top Model.

Their lawyer had argued that men frequently have to wear make-up to appear on television.

But the judges in Khartoum, where Islamic law applies, decided it was indecent for men to wear make-up.

How can we help it? We can't help it. To help these barbarians, these brutes, these moral beasts understand, we must turn to Baudelaire's "In Praise of Makeup":
...[A]nyone can see that the use of rice-powder, so stupidly anathematized by our Arcadian philosophers, is successfully designed to rid the the complexion of those blemishes that Nature has outrageously strewn there, and thus to create an abstract unity in the color and texture of the skin, a unity, which, like that produced by the tights of a dancer, immediately approximates the human being to the statue, that is to something superior and divine.
When will the barbarians ever learn anything? It seems that no amount of nurture can correct their ugly nature.