Its time for Will in Seattle to move out of Seattle. This must be so devastating to him, that he pooped so hard, his colostomy bag ripped.
It's a long shot, I know, but my fingers are crossed that the revival of "A LIttle Night Music" takes it.

Angela Lansbury and Elaine Stritch are treasures, and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Bernadette Peters, well...
So, the question still remains: Does the State actually have a financing package in place to cover all the associated construction costs, not to mention the inevitable cost over-runs? Last I heard, there were still roughly $1B short or something.
I do not care how you packaged it, I do not want this fucking tunnel. Goddamn.
At this point I say screw the naysayers. I live in West Seattle and this will fuck up my commute for years. BUT...I was in Baltimore recently and they have a waterfront that is completely connected to and integrated with their downtown. It's fantastic, even though there's nothing like the views we have here. The viaduct creates a wall between downtown Seattle and an open view on the outside world. It's time to tear down that wall.
@5 I second what you said. Of all the neighborhoods in the city, West Seattle is affected the most due to increased transit and commute times. Having said that, I can't wait to see the hideous Viaduct come down. Getting back the Seattle waterfront is truly priceless! None of the other plans would do that to the extent the deep bore tunnel option will.
maybe i'm not understanding what those numbers are bidding for, but they look a little low. Like they're missing another 3 zeros. I mean, over a million is still a lot to me, but it doesn't buy much when it comes to transportation projects.
Man, "Drowsy Chaperone" got fuckin' robbed.
I still don't understand this desire to "get the water front back"

For what exactly? Do you really think without the viaduct there (surface street there will still be a major thing) that its going to become this magical happy place? Seriously. I don't get this love for the water front.
West Seattle doesn't fare badly under any scenario. They are getting a 6-lane limited access 50-mph freeway all the way from Spokane St. to King St. For people headed to the stadiums or the Court House, this will be BETTER than the current Seneca ramp.

For people headed to the shopping district, it will be a longer trip on surface streets. Maybe they should be on the bus.
I think you lost three zeros, Dominic. Unless, the bid is really for $1.09 million, in which case the tunnel doesn't seem so bad after all.
I thank COMTE for making my point.

Billions and Billions.

All to deliver less vehicles to fewer places with more pollution and more carbon impacts.
@5 if you live in West Seattle and you commute downtown, the Billionaires Tunnel will make your commute take longer (if you work north of Denny, or anywhere south of Denny) - source: WSDOT. All for more money. Squeal, piggies.
So the winning bidder had a grade of C-? Yeah, I'm sure there won't be any over-runs with a starting score that high.
Just received an email invite for "a discussion on the future of transportation and the Seattle waterfront with Seattle City Councilmember Tom Rasmussen" on Dec. 14.

Suggested contribution levels: $700 Platinum / $500 Gold / $250 Silver.

Tunnel supporters, time to dig deep!!
That's his retirement fund.

He knows Council's being tossed out on their asses next time they're up.

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