Who gives a fuck about that talentless attention whore, anyhow? I even like Bristol Palin better than that moron.
yeah fuckin' right that was salvia.
Calculated move to break away from pre-teen image. She's a "bad" kid now.
...I thought it was another post about spit...
Salvia is not a fun party drug. It can be very insightful, but anyone who tries it is in for a shock if they're looking to get high. It's pretty safe, though, unless someone tries to walk around on it, and generally incapacitates enough so you can't even try to drive.

Still...stupid idiot acts like stupid idiot, film at 11.
yeah. my salvia experience was of the mind-breaking horror type. i've never quite recovered.
My world shrank to two dimensions & I thought I was a pendulum, my friend thought the characters of Family Guy were watching us from the other side of the TV screen. Lamest part was how short it was.
Well, one things for certain. Saturday Night Live's got some great material for this weekend.
@1, Miley may not exactly be to your taste, but she's made something like ten movies, two TV series, fifteen albums (a fair amount of which she wrote herself), and toured the world twice. Not bad for eighteen. Like her or not she's a serious showbiz performer.

Bristols Palin, on the other hand, has done nothing but have a baby and hoof around a stage like a cow being electrocuted a few times.

I know which one I could stand to be in the same room with for more than two seconds.
Bets on how long before it goes the way of FourLoko?
and now it's going to become illegal. thanks, miley.
10 & 11 have it right...unfortunately.
I'm setting a Google alert for "salvia tragedy" RIGHT NOW.

@10/11. Yup.
@10/11 That's what I came in here to say. :-(

Time to stock up for black market bonanza!
Smoking herbal crap to get high is nothing new. In the 70's, my brother tried smoking scotch broom, morning glories & other stuff touted in underground books, now he has a degree in organic chemistry and just makes whatever the hell he wants. Fads come and go and kids try them. One kid died from huffing Pam when I was at that age. There are many ways to alter reality or kill yourself.
@9 Seconded! And besides, looks like the girl knows how to hit a bong...we might have more in common than I ever imagined...
BUSH! I love getting high on legal hallucinogens and listening to Bush.
AH! 17, you beat me to it. Seriously, who listens to BUSH anymore?
Echoing #6 - my one Salvia experience was a sudden and unexpected eye-opener into the nature of strong hallucinogens, and it broke me for a while. On the up side, the trip is thankfully really short-lasting.

On that note, her reaction doesn't LOOK like she's smoking salvia (although I don't have sound) and it does seem like exactly what her PR people would come up with if she had been smoking weed. Conveniently legal (for now) and smoked the same way.
It's can't get in trouble for weed. What's better for a teen pop star's image? She was smoking pot..or she was smoking some weirdo drug that makes you trip out harder than weed ever could...BUT IT'S LEGAL!
I'd rather hang out with Miley than Taylor Swift. And I heard that Miley has a tail.
@10 - It's illegal in a dozen states already, and controlled like cigarettes here in CA. I'm sure once the Access Hollywood watching/shut-in moms get wind of this though...

That stupid bitch is going to get salvia made illegal! Better stock up now. She's not even doing it right. If you really want to get your money's worth on salvia you need to use the high temp butane lighter.

I have to say, I LOVE hallucinating but salvia is some hard shit. It's the only hallucinogen I've ever been on where I didn't realize it was a hallucination. That freaked me out for a while. Though overwhelmingly I've had good experiences with it.
The Salvia boom has been ongoing for several years now. I'm a bit experienced with hallucinogens and not shy about telling people about my past experiences at work. 3 years ago a co-worker came and told me her kids were using salvia in their Bothell garage and asked me if she should worry. I told her not to worry because there is zero addiction potential and it's quite physically safe.

Salvia has been in the 'kinda underground but growing in exposure and will be declared schedule 1 soon' danger zone for awhile now. This should seal the deal.

*sigh* I wish we had an intelligent drug policy. The thought of people going to jail for salvia is just ridiculous.
Ok, as an amateur gardener I'm a bit confused. "Salvia" is an entire family of plants (which includes the sage you put in stuffing). There are a vast number of salvias! They can't all have those psychactive properties. What is the specific name of this one?
@25: Gee, that was hard. The first result in a Google search of "Salvia":…
@25 - salvia divinorum. The diviner's mint.

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