Here is one of Fnarf's comments from Tuesday:


Here is one of Fnarf's comments from today:


You will notice that the Strangercrombie Donor badge is no longer there. In fact, the badges have been removed from everyone's comment handles. But don't fret! If you donated to last year's Strangercrombie, you will always have the badge, forever and ever, on your MyStrangerFace profile page, like so:


And we have started giving out new badges for donors to this year's Strangercrombie auction! Last of the Time Lords is the first to get a badge, which looks like this:


To get your badge, all you have to do is give more than $20 to this year's Strangercrombie charities, either by winning a package in the auction or by donating cash directly to Strangercrombie, and then e-mailing your Paypal receipt to with your comment name. Everybody knows that a Strangercrombie Donor badge makes your comments exactly 79% more legitimate, so open those wallets and earn your credibility the way everyone else does—by buying it!