I had to Wiki her to figure out who she was. Apparently she voiced the Femputer in the Amazonian-planet episode of Futurama... the only work of hers I've seen. I take it I'm missing out?
Life really was an adventure for her. And she enjoyed every minute.
3, are you serious?
All in the Family, Maude, Golden Girls?
I saw that! And I wondered why she denied she'd ever been in the service.....

... until I read about that one little oopsie on her record, that kept her 'out of action' for a few weeks...

And that made me love her all the more!!!
@3 - I had to read Dee's comment two or three times before the meaning sunk in. Even my straight friends know who Bea Arthur was. It was one of my straight friends who told me she'd died, in fact. How do you not know who Bea Arthur was?
@3 - It's because I'm an Aussie, and none of those shows ever aired in Australia. I've only been in the states for the last 3 years, and don't have a TV. Maybe I can find them online?
Who knew she sorta looked like Julia Stiles when she was young?
Kim to the rescue!
To get an even better idea of just what an icon she was:

Broadway, TV and movies. She did it all, and with singular style.

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