Slog Happy is this Thursday, December 16th at Central Cinema. It starts at 6 pm and it will be the best Slog Happy ever. I can prove it, too. I've done a lot of research and a lot of math and I have all the evidence you could ever need:

Exhibit A: Presents. It's our annual Slog Happy gift exchange, so bring a gift and get a gift! To participate in the gift exchange, all you have to do is make something, buy something for cheap, or re-gift something ugly, wrap it up all pretty, and bring it to Thursday's party. (More on that here.)

Ho ho He-Man!
  • Ho ho He-Man!
Exhibit B: Cartoons! The Central Cinema will be holding their cartoon happy hour during Slog Happy, but it will be made extra special with some vintage holiday 'toons like... the She-Ra and He-Man Christmas special!

Exhibit C: Food and drink specials! Holiday mimosas will be available for $5, popcorn will only be $1, and they'll knock $3 off all pizza prices!

Exhibit D: Cupcakes! I will be bringing some stuffed cupcakes that will BLOW YOUR MIND. They'll involve egg nog. I invented them last night. They're amazing.

Come! Party! Get presents and drink drinks and eat stuffed cupcakes and make the last Slog Happy of 2010 the very best Slog Happy yet.