To be fair, Golob thinks Google thinks you're an idiot.
@1 is correct. Which, of course, doesn't mean Paul isn't an idiot.
...I'd be happy if I just knew how to put quotes in boxes...sigh.
@1 and @2: I'm just predicting his reaction. Plus: this headline is extra-inflammatory-er!
Did you fill out the application form yet? Because they have one of those.
Canuck: < blockquote > (without the spaces). < /blockquote > turns it off.
Canuck! Put in the word "blockquote" (replace the quotation marks I used with < before and > after). Paste in your quote, then do "/blockquote", again with the < and the >.

This plus your donor badge - it's a day of great leaps forward.
All I could get was a bare bones 8GB 3.0GHz quad core machine with 1GB vid and 2TB HDD and a DVD R/W ... le sigh.

By the way, say hi to Worgenmedhbh if you're on Durotar ... #g4tv ftw
5280, I tip my hat.
Holy Shit!

You guys ROCK! Thanks!
As a traditional computer it doesn't do much for me, but if they slim that thing down (in theory it could be slimmer—definately lighter, than a Macbook Pro) and sell it in the $400 range, they'll really have something.
no talking until you get one... if you do
Nah, Gus, I just said it a lot more concisely than you did, so it was faster.
I'm going to write all my comments in blockquote from now on.
Since we're all about the blockquotes, I wonder what you mean by:
And having a dedicated non-Chrome computer at home for backup in case of a Google disaster makes sense, too.

I can't say that I've ever tried to backup all of my google stuff. I guess that they have various export options, but a cloud disaster seems much less likely than me remembering to regularly download backup copies on a regular basis.
All the cool kids are nesting their blockquotes these days.
I've got a friend who owns an iPad, and all he uses on it is Safari. Computers are turning more and more into appliances, rather than rich machines.

Chrome OS fits neatly into that new paradigm. How long before the $100 open source iPad?
If Google thinks Constant is an idiot it can only mean Google has been having lunch with Amazon.
Fuck! I'm never one of the cool kids!!!

( wouldn't be a good time to ask how to BOLD something...?)
Making Google into my OS makes sense for convenience's sake.

Bill Gates said that about Internet Explorer about 15 years ago and it nearly broke up his company.
Jegus christ, Canuck! Just type command-Q,U,E,E,N. C:
@21 OMG! I am feeling so grown up today! Look!

and even
Slog is so much better than school...
why stop at three?
@23 oh for the love of god, how do you DO that???
Oh my god, I'm freaking out!
Love the use of italics.
Ben, my brain is falling out of my ear RIGHT NOW....

Crikey! Or, as Grant Brissey would say, Craggy!
Let's get back on point here people. Golob, I think, is a lot like me. I like to tinker. I didn't really enjoy driving until I learned how cars worked. I didn't like weed until I understood how it got me high. I got into computers quickly because I got one in 1992 and and I broke it within 2 days. I had to learn how the damn thing worked before I could really understand, and take advantage of, what the system could do. once I understood how computers worked, it gave me an insight into what a computer could do. Once I understood what it could do, then I could understand the limitations on the software that was running it. This is why I think Golob, even though our relationship passing at best, is a person who needs to know why things work, rather than trusting that they do.

This is why I don't like being told what software I should run, and that is what this system seems like to me. I want control, and tuning power. I want to make my system to do what I want it to, rather than some 26 y.o. EE grad telling me what it should do.

It is the same reason that I jailbroke my iphone. I like what apple did, but I hate what they tried to prevent me from doing, WITH MY HARDWARE.

I understand the concept of the cloud, but I want my data and my data processing power to be under my control. I can go to the web to find things I don't know about, but I need lots of data to be instant access because the cloud isn't going to bring up a 115 meg proof as fast as I want it if I need to make an edit. Now I am just drunk and rambling. TL;DR
Chrome OS, and even Chrome browser, really don't appeal to me. Google has had far too many battles with privacy for me to risk that. It's not that, should my personal information fall into the hands of advertisers I'll explode, but you need to understand why this product is so cheap, if not free. They take what you do on the machine, sell it to advertisers who are stupid enough to buy them, and then do it all over again. They do it with my e-mail, but that's just one e-mail address of mine, that I can still change at any time, that I can still easily avoid. How does that work on Chrome? Oh that's right, it doesn't work that way. Google should stick to internet searches, their other businesses worry me.
@28: High five for drunken rambling!

I think the limit of my stance on this as t approaches infinity is that it's not for me, because I need more control over my shit, but I can embrace other folks using it. It kinda reminds me of that part from Hackers where the one guy is talking about how the hackers are the cowboys and everyone else are cattle. Except less with the "I'm a huge asshole" and more with the "I'll deal with this shit because I care, so other people who don't care don't have to." Also, I can't rollerblade.

Again, woooo drunken rambling!
ha ah @28, I completely agree with your drunken rambling.

This OS just seems silly to me. WHY would anyone want one company (with a CEO who has very interesting opinions on privacy and the future of technology) have access/control over every single thing you do on your computer. And WHY would you want to do everything on the web? You know they collect that data right? Sure "Do no evil" is their sweet slogan now, but say you utilize this OS for 5 years think of the amount of professional and personal information that you are allowing a company to collect.

I typically have around 8-15 applications open that I am constantly switching between, but am a mega nerd so this just doesn't appeal to me. I can see how there is a market for technology that is simple and seemingly unified.

To me, it seems that Google is again trying to BE the internet and not a part of the internet. Now they are attempting to change the way people use their hardware instead of just encouraging them to exclusively use their software. It's brilliant and evil.

/hungover rambling.

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