• David Belisle
Of all the days of the week, Sunday is clearly the best and most divinely ordained for sitting in bed and snuggling your laptop until—woah, how'd that happen?!—it decides to go on a little holiday shopping spree.

And look: Today is Sunday!

Some suggestions as you cruise through the Strangercrombie offerings, which of course you should be doing because all proceeds go to help two worthy charities: Child Haven and Downtown Emergency Services Center.

No. 1: Go to Europe without leaving town. Duh. I mean, come on: Belgian waffles for two at Sweet Iron. Ridonkulously tasty Italian food at Brad's Swingside Cafe, where $75 will get you all the big bowls of pasta you can handle. And $100 worth of Le Pichet Parisian-ness. You want it. Do it now.

No. 2: Flying! With Grant Brissey's father! Scheduled on a clear day, weather permitting, which both sound like very very good ideas! Also: Currently a steal.

  • David Belisle
No. 3: Prince of Ping Pong. You get custom-carved Stiga ping-pong paddles (you design 'em, they carve 'em), two Twilight Exit hoodies, lunch or dinner for two at the Twilight Exit, $40 to spend at Twilight, lessons from one of the bar's "ping-pong champions," and naming rights to the bar's annual ping-pong tournament. Which is awesome. Must. Have.

You're welcome.

Once a year we do something good.