Netflix replaces New York Times...

In another sign of its growing clout, highflying movie-rental service Netflix is bouncing the New York Times from the Standard & Poor's 500 index of publicly traded companies.
Thanks to its $10.2 billion market cap, Netflix will move up to the S&P 500 next Friday, while the New York Times, worth just $1.4 billion, will be knocked down to the S&P 400 index for mid-sized stocks.
The news sent Netflix shares, which have more than tripled this year, up 3.6 percent to $194.63 as a slew of index funds that mirror the benchmark index snapped up shares. The New York Times fell 1.3 percent to $9.61.

Former KGB agent sings "Blueberry Hill" to a room packed with Hollywood types...

Major gun action in Canada!
VANCOUVER - An overnight shooting in Vancouver that left two people in critical condition and injured eight others, was described by police Sunday as an “outrageous display” of gang violence in the city’s westside.

The shooting comes just one week after the RCMP issued a warning about the possibility of an increase in gang violence resulting from recent events including a high-profile murder at a Burnaby mall in October.

The world is very different now.