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Why? Why did he do that?
Gang violence in Canada is more proof of global warming. The gangs are moving north, when they're normally found in more temperate climates.
Where's Dudley Dooright when you need him?
@2 And in BC of all'd think they'd have figured out how much more enjoyable it would be to sit on the steps of the VAG and get stoned, like everyone else under the age of 30 seems to do...
@4 players gots to play
@4 I, personally, can't wait for gang violence to migrate up to Alaska. Or the Yukon.
@6 Or Wasilla, specifically...
Glad that Putin got the composers of the original Sim City to be his backing band.
I find it odd that you are pointing out that Canada has gang violence. Are you implying that it has "finally" happened here and now the world is a different place because the last sleepy frontier has been invaded?
Yes we have gang violence here just like other places it has been here for a long time.

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