Um. Charles. Read the title.


Not Sqaure.

God, don't you guys ever use a spell on a Czech?
thanks for fixing it.
Also: This critique might be totally out of line, but this year's Strangercombie (tm) is ALL stuff you have to be in Seattle to actually, you know, get or enjoy.

In years past, there were items that could be bid up way high, and then shipped to, say, Chicago. This year, everything that's not for Print in the Stranger (front page, review of this or that) is . . . for people in Seattle to enjoy.

Lots of Slog readers/commenters are not actually in Seattle. Why aren't there more physical items to bid on, as opposed to services or goods available only in Seattle?
Chicago Fan, I'm guessing that has a lot to do with who decided to donate this year.
that is all like the worst of pioneer square.

or i mean, the worst of the tolerable of pioneer square.

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