You will feel good, and you can rest, once you check out Strangercrombie this year.
  • Photo by David Belisle
  • You will feel good, and you can rest, once you check out Strangercrombie this year.
Yeah, I said it. Nobel Prize! When we win it you are ALL going to Stockholm with us! Seriously, the charity auction—all the money goes to Childhaven and Downtown Emergency Service Center—ends tomorrow, December 15th, at 5 pm, so it now has officially become time to get on this.

Last year's dinner for four couples at the home of leading art dealer Greg Kucera was a total hit, I heard afterward. You do want to be on this guest list. It's basically a museum visit, with a dinner and sparkling conversation, too:

Thinking about starting to buy art? Already collecting? Just want to get a peek inside the house of Seattle's original power dealer (a very friendly fellow who happens to set a mean table)? Well, his table seats 12 and his walls are covered with an amazing collection...And make sure you sneak away to glimpse the nudes in the back bathroom.

Then there's the bride package. Obviously it won't work for everyone. But good lord, if you intend to be a bride, male or female, this is a serious bonanza, and at the moment it's going for nickels.

Have you ever considered, while listening to KEXP, just what Riz Rollins can do for you? His mixes are legendary. And he's willing to make one for you, 80 minutes long, according to your taste, totally customized.

You like film better than music? Take over Central Cinema with 20 of your friends.

For one night only, you will light up Central Cinema's giant screen with the film of your choice (pending acquisition of rights by Central Cinema) and pack your 20 dearest friends into the theater's comfy benches to watch it, all for free!

Or hell, browse the whole auction on your own good time—today or tomorrow afternoon until 5. It really is a good cause, and great stuff.

Strangercrombie: Once a Year, We Do Something Good.