How gloomy Olympia has become...

Cuts, cuts, cuts. There's not enough wealth, there's not enough wealth, there's not enough wealth. Balance the books, balance the books, balance the book. Fiscal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, fiscal responsibility. Tighten our belts, tighten our belts, tighten our belts. It goes on and on and on.

We need to hear another song, and one that's much closer to the facts of matter. This is the song of the general economy:

Solar energy is the source of life's exuberant development. The origin and essence of our wealth are given in the radiation of the sun, which dispenses energy—wealth—without any return. The sun gives without ever receiving. Men were conscious of this long before astrophysics measured that ceaseless prodigality; they saw it ripen the harvests and they associated its spendor with the act of someone who gives without receiving."
That is the only law of the general economy. The economy of scarcity, on the other hand, has (and cannot do without) many laws, many restrictions, many sermons.