Laurelhurst had their electrical substation blown up by an revolutionary group named the George Jackson Brigade at midnight on New Years Eve in 1975 (Calm down. No one was hurt).

Can you name another Seattle neighborhood that has had such an exciting electrical/political event happen?

I didn't think so....
those aren't the santarchy rules, that's just what some asshat posted that you copy/pasted.

the seattle santarchy facebook page…

now, copying and pasting from me (asshat) to you:

proper rules of santarchy:

The 4 F*s of Santacon:
1. Santa does not f* with kids
2. Santa does not f* with police
3. Santa does not f* with security
4. Santa does not f* with Santa

Other conventions of Santacon:
- Follow Santa
- No Santa Left Behind! Keep track of your Santa friends.
- Don't wash the suit! Your Disgusting Santa suit is a badge of honor. Wear it proudly.
- Bars can be crowded. Its best to carry a backup plan (cough*flask!)
- Follow Santa
The Important Four F's of SantaCon:

1. Santa does not f* with kids
2. Santa does not f* with police
3. Santa does not f* with security
4. Santa does not f* with Santa

Got it? That means no Santa-sexual harassment either, even if Santa is wearing a sexy, sexy Santa outfit and underpantas. You will not assume that Santa is interested in your advances and will be cool. Got that, Santa? Good.

Yours Happily,
@2 and @3 are right.

Drunkenness is mandatory, of course.
#1: Laurelhurst was also host to 2001's "other" terrorist attack, when the Center for Urban Horticulture was destroyed by the ELF.

The Laurelhurst Beach Club also excluded Jews until the 1950's, when the Anti-Defamation League filed a lawsuit and won.

Laurelhurst: "Where Terror and Anti-Semitism Come Alive!"
The crime stat thing is interesting. Even our safest neighborhood is barely above the national average. Most of Seattle then seems to come off as a combat zone of post apocalyptic proportions.
But now that I think about it, I don't know a single person in this town who hasn't either had their place burglarized or their car prowled.
Don't mention Laurelhurst any more! That Beach Club has a high dive that terrified me when a posh friend brought me there once as a boy. I had to climb back down, with the lifeguard yelling at me that it was against the rules.
Rule #5: No bartender like Santarchy.
@5 the bartenders at the nitelite LOVE santa !
Good. Keep all those dumb fucks in freemont.
if anyone caught wind of the jackass trying to move santarchy to cal anderson, well don't believe it. fremont troll at noon is still on.

the facebook page was removed to throw off the scouring media clowns.

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