Or ... we could just set free (pardon) everyone on probation or arrested for simple MJ possession.

But that would save more.
Or we could ask poor people to eat their own kids.

Seriously, this is $30-odd million against $4600 million. How about legalizing pot and taxing the shit out of it?
but the roads will still be velvety smooth and WSDOT's budget is untouchable.
Uhhh...95 employess saves 18.3 million? That is 192,631 per employee. Looks like I am working for the wrong print company
@4, it's not just payroll for those 95 or any of these position eliminations, of course - there's a whole mess of reduced equipment and office space costs and yadda yadda they're counting on.
OR they could end the $5 million state tax break to the Trans Alta coal plant. A tax break they receive for using coal from a local mine. Which is now closed. Why do they still receive that 5 mil? What other industries quietly receive out-dated tax breaks?
"Merging?" "Consolidating?"

Oh! You mean "Out of these 10 employees, fire 9 of them and give all their work to the one who's left"
@2 for the win.

Plus, since we still tax junk food, think of all the new sales tax revenue from the munchies!

Heck, we could also put the tax exemption for software sales (e.g. Microsoft) up for a Yes/No vote of the people ... which is why Ireland's going broke, btw.
@Will....Really? Ireland's economic woes are all due to software tax exemptions?
@9, yeah, he's reached a new low. Or a high, depending how you look at it.
@5 ahh...I thought this was strictly a labor/benefit savings.
Or maybe we could end some of the litany of tax exmeptions currently on the books in Washington. Or at least subject them to an ROI standard and/or establish a sunset clause that would makes businesses prove their economic value.

There's no logical reason not to tax jet fuel or give huge tax breaks to securities brokers.…
@11 - It also accounts for retirement, insurance L&I, Unemployment.

BTW you all know if we lost more funding to transportation and had to live with more traffic, pot holes, higher fees on the ferry more poll roads less bus, transit then you would all bitch about that. SO PICK ONE BITCH and stick to it!
@3, WSDOT's budget is not untouchable just separate from the general fund. things are going to get ugly there soon too.
Why the fuck did we need all of those coalitions/commisions/agencies/boards in the first place?

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