Speaking as a die-hard fan of kitsch and other utterly tasteless chatske & shmatte, (with credit to Ms. Huston), oh HELL to the no!
However I'd love to see a picture of anyone daring to wear that out in public.
Yeah, that pretty much wins.
Who forgot to close italics?
HAH. Love that it's a doll. I wonder if they'll be making Obama sweaters in that style this year?…
Yawn. Wake me up when the ugly Santa doll is knitted and actually incorporated into the sweater.
Can you fill it with liquor?
While it definately pushed the Lauriete Committee's definition of "sweater", it excels so thoroughly in "ugly", it should be granted the prize.
there's really nothing christmas about the sweater itself, which makes this a major disappointment. anybody can attach a damn doll to a sweater. where are the appliqued candy canes and emboridered snow men? all that blank white space is just wasted. there is so much more room for ugly there.
Awesome! Finally, I can achieve that parasitic twin look I've been so desperate to recreate since I was a child after seeing "Total Recall."
#8 makes a good point. There's so much missed potential here, I rescind my nomination to the committee as a Christmas Sweater, but will give it a nod for special achievement in horrifying.
If y'all aren't reading Regretsy every day, where I'm pretty sure The Hairpin found this, you're missing out. This isn't even in the top half of items this week. The felt vagina with baby Jesus dangling out of it by a pipe cleaner umbilical cord is the winner, I think, though the multi-vulva Christmas tree ornament is pretty spectacular too.
Kuato Santa
Fnarf @11,

Link please, for those of us internet challenged.

Until I see further evidence, this stands as the ugliest Xmas sweater I've ever seen in 40+ years.
You gave away my idea for the Slog Happy gift exchange!
"The felt vagina with baby Jesus dangling out of it by a pipe cleaner umbilical cord" ... you're kidding, right??
I mean, *seriously* - a work of art like that would make me go buy a mannequin just to display that one.
Umm....Is that Faye Dunaway? Think of all the fun you could have with some extra fabric and imagination...

Network Sweater
Bonnie and Clyde Sweater
Mommie Dearest Sweater
Chinatown Sweater (She's both your sister and your mother in that one)
Although it is very ugly but it is very handy to grab the attention of people towards you in some gathering hahaha.

Photo of said abomination is here:…

It was called "The still birth of Christ". Ewww.

SOMEONE liked it, cause its sold. However, you can still acquire other "Abornments" here.
Hey, the ugly christmas sweater sold too!

What the hell is wrong with people?
I loved the stillbirth of christ "abortment" - charming! (is the best - and also benefits charity! Snark with heart!)

but there's other horrible christmas shit to look at on too.

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