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It's not like he has to punch in a time card and be sitting at his desk to get work done here.

Besides, the economy of the future is going to be global. The U.S. still has to revive its image from 8 years of G.W. Bush's HERP DERP! idiocity. Making business deals with the future mass consumers of American goods (India and China, specifically) is well worth the time.
Why does the US have to be out of step with everyone else? You elect, twice, someone nobody except Israel and India like, and then you elect someone who has an 81% approval rating in a neighboring country and it's "we have to knock this guy down."
and it’s not exactly like he has been on tons of foreign trips .
Is it disturbing to anybody else that our elected leader travels with an entourage of business executives? Sometimes I forget, are we in a Republic or a Corporation? Is Obama C.E.O.? Or is he just middle-management?

I can understanding meeting with business executives, and having a person on staff whose focus is on commerce, but do they really need to follow Obama around everywhere he goes?

Suck eggs?

He's done a lot of great things. Because he's stopping the 4% tax hike on the rich he sucks eggs?

I'm as against it as anybody, but come on.
@5, Obama "sucks eggs" with a sizable chunk of the American people who lean toward the teabaglican end of the political spectrum, as well as a smaller but still sizable chunk of the left who are pissed he hasn't waved a magic wand mandating single payer health care for all, gay marriages across the land and military tribunals for Bush administration officials. That said, he's still popular than Clinton was at this stage of his presidency when the republitardlican revolution swept in, wreaked havoc & tried to shut down the guvmint.
@7 We don't want military tribunals for Bush administration officials, we want legitimate civilian court trials, because being fans of the rule of law, which military tribunals aren't, is the entire point.

Also, not pissed he didn't turn out to have magic powers, pissed that he is a right-leaning centrist who starts every negotiation by compromising as much as he can to try and get the other side to play nice. It's moronic.
What Vadt said. OuterCow - you had the choice of voting for the Socialist Workers party, which is what you're asking for. So why didn't you?
Memo to Charles: every American president is powerful and influential abroad. Because America is powerful and influential. Even (God forbid) Sarah Palin would be powerful and influential abroad. It comes with having a couple of million soldiers, a bunch of nukes and a vast economy.
Your observation on Obama's globetrotting reminded me of a riddle uttered on the campus of the University of Notre Dame ages ago in regards to then President of the school, Rev. Ted Hesburgh. You might not find it too funny as you don't believe there is a God but it is still somewhat clever. "What is the diference between God & Rev. Hesburgh? God is everwhere. Rev. Hesburgh is everywhere but at Notre Dame." Rev. Hesburgh was a famous sought after speaker and spent much time on the road.
@9 Well for one, I was considerably more ignorant of politics back in '08, could still stomach NPR for hours at a time, and hadn't yet come to the realization that I am in fact a Socialist (I thought of myself as an independent at the time).

And two, I felt it was my respnsibility as a human to try and keep Palin as far away from The Football as possible.

But I've learned my lesson, Obama is no change agent, just a smooth talking corporate lackey, & I won't make the same mistake again.
@4: He was there to make a business deal, no?

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