• David Belisle
Sure, it helps some very good causes. But you know what? Strangercrombie is motherfucking awesome!

Where else can you get a Ping-Pong package that includes your own paddles—hand carved to your specifications, and an entire tournament named after you? Who else will give you a Dungeons & Dragons session with the sexiest Dungeon Master in the world? What other auction gives you a chance to have drinks with the mayor? Can you find another place that will ensure you will get your 3,000- to 6,500-word short story edited down into a 200- to 500-word short story by Stranger cover boy Tao Lin? If you can, buy it there! If you can't buy it at Strangercrombie!

A bunch of mind-blowing items are going for bargain-basement prices right now, including an underground art tour from hot young art thing No Touching Ground, a political planning session with dreamy Joe Fitzgibbon, a dinner cooked just for you by Ethan Stowell, a gumbo dinner with lion of Seattle poetry Ed Skoog, and a consultation with superstar anonymous literary agent's assistant The Rejectionist!

All this plus the proverbial more! Go! Bid! Buy! You only have an hour left, people!