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Did you know you can buy virtually all the content in the January 20, 2011 issue of The Stranger? It's true! You want to make me re-read the Twilight series—and like it this time? I'll do it! Want Lindy to wax rhapsodic over the intellectual pleasures of Marmaduke? Bring it! Want to force Brendan Kiley to sit through all of your play? He will do that!

Every inch of the paper is for sale, including Savage Love (and Savage Lovecast and a HUMP!-y dinner with Dan), a restaurant review, a news story, a music profile, and a day of ad-bombing all of Slog. That's right—we sold your eyeball impressions!

Just think about what you could do with a platform like this; you could make us look like (even bigger) idiots (than we usually are)! And all for the cut-rate price of...well, they're sold separately, so get in there and bid!

There's just a half hour left!