Today, a King County judge ordered a release of the dashboard-camera video from Seattle Police officer Ian Birk's patrol car, which shows footage of John T. Williams and Officer Birk moments before Birk fatally shot Williams on August 30.

Via the Seattle Times:

King County District Judge Arthur Chapman, who has been assigned to oversee an inquest into the shooting, released the previously confidential video during a pre-inquest hearing. He ordered the video to be released at 1 p.m. Friday, giving prosecutors time to contact witnesses who will be called to testify during the inquest.

Initially, the video was to be first shown to a six-member jury at the inquest scheduled to begin Jan. 10.

The dashboard footage doesn't show the shooting itself—both men move in and out of the frame moments before shots are fired—but it does include audio from the short and violent confrontation. Officer Birk fired five gunshots at Williams just four seconds after telling the woodcarver to drop his carving knife, according to court documents.