This really is one issue where liberals have their head in the sand, no one is saying all Muslims are terrorists but liberals like to believe that its not a problem.
I wish it weren't so, but you hardly every hear Muslim-American leaders speaking out against stonings, honor-killiings, executing gays, much less against terrorism. Perhaps they, like C.A.I.R., are afraid to.
I've got to disagree with you on this one, Dan. I'd also like to know why these people aren't cooperating with law enforcement.
This is seriously the worst idea ever.
I actually have already written to the ACLU on this subject, because someone needs to put a stop to the proposed hearings.
While I am only an undergraduate, for the past two years I have been studying globalized Islam, and these hearings will essentially come across as witch hunts, further isolating Muslim youth in America, which IS what radicalizes Muslims across the world. Not fitting into the culture you live in, unable to relate to the society your parents belong to, being rejected by your government, your schools, not being allowed to pray during the day due to inflexible schedules....Did we not just read about the Muslim teacher who was fired because she wanted to take two weeks off to make the Hadj? While not Muslim myself, I am a part of the Muslim Student Association at my University, and the peers I have talked to express extreme sadness and frustration with the course of religious dialogue in this nation. If the GOP wants to confront the radicalization of Americans, it needs to not only look at Islam, but Christianity as well. And libertarians, Tea party people, etc....Don't think this will happen though.
@1, I don't think that liberals necessarily believe its not a problem. They like many are ignorant and naive to the issue. I think in general, having lived in NYC, southern Indiana, and Western Washington, that there are serious misconceptions involving Islam and the Middle East, and not many people take the time to evolve their viewpoint. Ignorance is prevalent in much of America unfortunately. Which when you consider how many people actually understand the religion they adhere to, is not surprising, but it is upsetting. I was raised Episcopalian/Jewish (although now i don't believe in anything concrete as many academics of religion eventually end up) and I can not begin to tell you how many people will/have extol their "great faith" only to be silenced with their own theological texts.
I'm just fine with profiling members of a useless religion that is esspecially malignant. Any religion, but certainly Islam.
Red Scare MK.II
I think your post is an insult to sensible Muslims (I don't know any American Muslims, but I presume a sensible Danish Muslim ain't that different from a sensible American Muslim, so I will proceed with my argument).

A nice, civilized, democratic, sensible, friendly Muslim is not going to get radicalized by criticism directed towards his faith or his community. The sensible Muslim knows, that criticism is part of living in a democracy, and that it is relevant to examine many different possible causes of radicalism, including faith, cultural background, community etc.

No reasonable person gets radicalized, because ideas they identify with is criticized in speech and writing.
What are you, Dan, a communist?

But seriously, to all the posters who think this really isn't such a bad idea, you have to remember that these hearings are being held by Rep. Peter King, a true bigot whose past actions make his current anti-Islam motivations undeniable.

Ironically, he himself came to political power through funding terrorism in the 80s. I guess the IRA is a more popular murderous terrorist group than any radical Islamic group.
All good naive white Seattle libtards know that Muslims NEVER CAUSE PROBLEMS, and even if they do, it isnt very "progressive" to blame Muslims for any problems they cause. Just blame Jews and "white privilege" instead.


Prosecutors: Hate crime suspect threatened to kill gays
King County prosecutors have filed hate crime charges against a 23-year-old man accused of punching a gay man aboard a Metro bus.

Prosecutors contend Mustaf A. Abdille accosted the man on Nov. 30 after berating several passengers aboard the bus. Abdille is alleged to have used an anti-gay slur then punched the man as he attempted to leave the bus.

The disturbance was reported at 7:40 p.m. near the intersection of Northeast 20th Street and 140th Avenue Northeast. Police arrived to Abdille irate and stinking of alcohol, a Bellevue officer told the court.

Witnesses told police Abdille boarded the bus and immediately began creating a disturbance, according to charging documents. He became angry, police claim, when other passengers didn't engage him in conversation.

Abdille then approached the alleged victim, called him an anti-gay slur and began screaming at him, the Bellevue police officer continued. The man said Abdille punched him as he attempted to leave the bus.

Writing the court, Senior Deputy Prosecutor Michael T.J. Hogan claimed Abdille made threats after he was taken to King County Jail.

"In my country, we kill (anti-gay slur)," Abdille allegedly said. "I'm going to suicide, and everybody is going down with me.

"I won't go alone."

Abdille was booked into jail on Dec. 12, where he remains on $50,000 bail. He has been charged with malicious harassment, the state's hate crime law.
I'm much more in favor of hearings on the radicalization of American Tea-Partiers. Theyโ€™re the only ones successfully committing terrorist attacks and flying planes into buildings of late, no?
The fact that it's Peter King holding the hearings says a lot about its goals and probable outcomes. This isn't going to be some innocent inquiry into the tension between American Muslims and law enforcement (which I do think is a legitimate topic to take up).
@10 if you are referring to Joe Stack, then you are a stereotypical misinformed naive white libtard. Joe Stack was a HARDCORE LEFTIST. Read his manifesto, dipshit. He even closes it with a quote from the Communist Manifesto (context is favorable).

In short, you know jack shit abou the subject on which you write.
@9: So if we go after Christians for being notorious homophobes, we're persecuting you for your beliefs, eh? But as soon as Muslims are involved, you suddenly get religion (pun intended) about gay rights!
Nice try.

@12: He's no liberal at all; he's a hard-headed libertarian with a twist of the right wing. In his suicide note, he rails against taxation, workers' unions, and government in general.
And you're dead wrong; the quote is NOT from the Communist Manifesto. It is actually from "Critique of the Gotha Program", and there's no contextual evidence suggesting that he supports it. Rather, he is stating it to then parody it in his assessment and condemnation of capitalism. Get your fucking facts straight, you leotard.
Shut up you Jew libtard stereotype. I'm an atheist (referring to your comment about my comment at #9). I have always been pro-gay rights. You are a knee-jerk dipshit. Enjoy your negro neighborhood in Chimpcongo!
That the hearing is political grandstanding doesn't make the problem of radicalized Muslims in the US less serious. McCarthy had no evidence for his fear of reds; don't tell me there isn't already enough evidence of Americans getting radicalized and trying to blow shit up here.
Whoa! @1, 2, 3, 5 -- Is this The Stranger or Fox News?

In fact Muslim American leaders have been speaking out clearly and frequently against terrorism for years. The fact that their denunciations rarely get reported in the mainstream media is a function of media bias (you know -- flames lead, so inflammatory statements by miniscule minorities are what make the news, and the vast moderate majority is effectively silenced).

But here's the thing: if their statements were properly publicized, would you even listen?

Dan is right on: this is HUAC all over again. Islam has become America's new Communism, and McCarthy and Roy Cohn have risen from the dead. And if you think it's "just" Muslims they're coming for, that's some bad drug you're on.
@14: That was some godawful mixture of 'roid rage, Prehistoric Monster Syndrome (PMS), and meth-induced paranoia. Please get yourself sectioned.
It's just a matter of time before you get attacked by your precious black Muslims venomlimp.
The hearings aren't too surprising. The right has been looking for another villain to give them some kind of cause to hide behind ever since the trusty old Cold War ended, and who else are they going to pick on at the moment? It was gays for a while, scaring their constituents with the idea of gay marriage, gays having rights, gays taking over the country OMG!!!, but that didn't work out so well. In fact, it may have backfired, as they went so unbelievably over the top that a lot of former fence sitters have become pro gay rights just because they don't want to be seen hanging with the crazies.

So now it's the Muslims' turn to deflect interest off of the GOP's pathetic lack of any kind of a platform other than "let's help the rich get richer." And the really, really sad part is, it will probably work. The very people they are screwing the most, i.e. the middle class, will continue to vote Repulican despite it being completely, utterly and totally against their own best interests.
I'm not sure what exactly to think here. Mr Jansen's (#7 above) points are quite well-made, and it should not be the case that Muslims and Islam cannot be criticized. Anything, anybody can be criticized,

But I'm also not sure that these hearings are the way to do it. I don't want to jump to the conclusion that they are just yet another weapon in the hands of bigots, but they might certainly be, especially if Rep. Peter King is holding the hearings.

So out of curiosity to everybody else here: how could criticism of Muslims or Islam in general (as in: why such relatively weak criticism of Islamic terrorism?) be made in a way that is fair and not just a bigot's weapon? (Context: consider Dan's unfailing criticism of Christians, the number of pedophile offenses in the Catholic church, etc; is this also fair? If so, would this become unfair if the target were Muslims? If so, why?)
@18: fgsfds
I'd just like to know when he plans to spearhead his investigation into the radicalization of Christians in the US.
So out of curiosity to everybody else here: how could criticism of Muslims or Islam in general (as in: why such relatively weak criticism of Islamic terrorism?) be made in a way that is fair and not just a bigot's weapon?

By making sure that non-bigots participate in the criticism. Do not leave the criticism of Islam to a radical fringe, just as you wouldn't leave criticism of Christianity to a small radical fringe.

And while you are participating, please remember; It is what you agree about, that's important, not who you agree with.
@2 When exactly would you hear all the Muslim leaders denouncing terrorism? It's not like every religious leader can just get up on TV because they have something to say, particularly something so uncontroversial or obvious.

Additionally, I'm sure plenty of liberal/moderate/normal Muslims are insulted by the notion that they need to hold a press conference to condemn murder, because otherwise they will be assumed to support it.

@3 Cooperating with law enforcement is not an obligation. You are not required to tell them anything. If you feel that law enforcement does not have your best interests at heart, you won't likely be inclined to cooperate.

Assuming that if someone's not cooperating with law enforcement, then they're guilty of something (whether it be plotting a terrorist act, or being "radicalized") is against American values. It's the same kind of thinking as "If you're doing nothing wrong, then you should have no problem with the government spying on you!"
You know what, Forky? You're absolutely right. Nobody, not you, nor I, nor Muslim clerics, have an obligation to cooperate with law enforcement. But you know what else? Take it from a retired cop: If you don't cooperate, you will be treated like a criminal. And that's just the way it is.
First they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak up because I was not a Muslim. Then they came for ... well, I think you know how this story ends.

And these sorts of things are personal: my grandfather was a victim of the original HUAC - he went from a highly-regarded authority in his field to being unemployed and unemployable.

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