kudos to komo for not attempting gang rape to prove the signs were fake.
This reminds me of the Midget and his one-man campaign against the American Medical Association in the Illuminatus! Trilogy.

Maybe the vandals would like to make signs that warn against punching people instead?……
This is something that was always mystified me, for such a literate, thoughtful community in Seattle, why is the mainstream media such dogshit?
Local television news is a cesspit of total idiocy everywhere, and always has been. These KOMO guys couldn't investigate a stopped clock. Neither could any of the rest of them. Blockheads all. Except for Cliff Maas.
Similar signs have been appearing on buses throughout the year.

What is KOMO's point here - that gang rape is NOTprohibited?

I like the stickers. They're an ironic protest regarding the lack of security onboard Metro buses. Would like to see more of them.
But can we have a gang bang?
Apple gives them free iPhones in exchange for shit like this?

The big news I see here is that witness Michael Hathorne needs to be gently bound.
Well, when certain members of the community think right bs. Wring means hitting a pregnant woman in the head and not the stomach, maybe these signs are needed on the ghetto routes?
See, a proper media team would have interviewed a rape gang to get THEIR take on the situation. This is hardly "fair and balanced" coverage.
That's 'right vs. Wrong'
Maybe some metro riders *do* need reminding.
Gus, you are so bad!

Not that I'm disagreeing with you or anything...
@8 & 13

Now boys, remember to share your toys, or Santa won't bring you any new ones...
They should make a new batch of stickers that warn against KOMO reporters approaching you on the bus.
It's fake? Cool! That means we can get the gang together and rape someone! Who's in?
Is KOMO the Marlee Ginter goat sex station?
@17 yes - well done!

(P.S. Canuck and Polarity: as it turns out, light internet hunting shows the young honey they interviewed is in fact one of their own g.d. reporters, though they didn't mention that and also managed to misspell his name. Hmph. Frizzelle, hire the boy. It's been a long time since there was a genuine twink around the place.)
Option 3: Can also relate to the Wikileaks outrage and the Tea Party.
@14, the elves in the workshop make their own, and run a little trade on the side...
@20 Now we know what happens to those who find themselves so lucky as to be on the "naughty" list...

But gus, what about that etoliated young Strangercrombie model with the pudding bowl haircut? Isn't he supposedly tied to someone's desk? I guess he's less of a reporter, though, and more of a prop. And yes, I agree, they should hire your boy, but only if he does video reports, shirtless.
PS Here is what the animals think about DADT's repeal:

Canuck, as I recall Dominic lashed that person to his desk for purposes unrelated to writing. Plus that was an emo. This lad's an actual writer with what passes these days for local journalism experience.

The Stranger's beards and spectacles and fab-over-forties are fine, but I say the masthead could use a good old-fashioned sprinkling of twink.

P.S. The meerkat and the squirrel are friends? Who next? The farmer and the cowman?
Don't think of a purple elephant!
Fnarf- I mean all media in Seattle. It is crazy that Portland and LA have better newspapers than here.
Also tv news in Seattle is especially retarded/ cutsie. And always has been. Bizarre for such a smart town.

You are wrong about all local news stations being as bad as Seattle SF and NYC are two towns that used to have almost decent local news. This may have changed.

Do you mean that first guy interviewed who took the photo? They did describe him as a KOMO community supporter, whatever the hell that is.
Are the stickers a protest against lack of security? They look more like art to me. Not that art precludes protest.
The signs are funny, but they aren't news. In Brisbane, Australia, they have signs warning bus riders that their DNA will be collected if they spit on the bus.…
You know, gus, when I have to consult Urban Dictionary first thing in the morning, it's going to be a Slog kind of I was thinking that any young, slim blond hombre could fit the twink mold, but Urban Dictionary assures me there is an essential difference in attitude, that one will know the emo child by his dour expression and lank hair, whereas the young urban twink is an altogether more cheerful guy. (All I know about emo here is that my daughter told her 14 year old brother he was not allowed to get red hightop chucks, as they were "too emo," especially since he was already wearing pants that were too tight...) So, if you want to start an online petition demanding the young man's employment, I will be first in line to sign it.

Meerkats...sigh. Is there anything more adorable? Meerkat and squirrel were tired of hiding their love, and Meerkat's lazy nature loves the fact that squirrel always has to be on top.
As the second interviewee in that clip, I'm as surprised as you guys they didn't mention I'm an employee (or spell my name right). You can't argue that seeing a sticker two weeks ago makes for an expert witness, though.

Anyway, good to know I come off twink-ish on camera.
Doh! You pretty much have to apply for a job at The Stranger now, Michael in Ballard, but you don't have to take your shirt off (that was rude of me) unless you really want to...

PS ...on the avatar, you might as well take the sunglasses off, now that you've been outed as a cutie pie.
The story was stupid...but that Michael Hathorne guy was pretty cute. I'm gonna watch it again just to look at him some more.
@30, after reading your stories you could be in like Flynn, I think - but some suggestions:

- Tell Frizzelle you have some military in your background.
- Tell Eli you have written the Pulitzer committee on his behalf.
- Tell Dominic you admire his light touch.
- Try not to stare at Lindy's boobs unasked.
- Present Grant with a collage of his Traffic Report photos.
- When it's time for the interview with Dan, go to shake hands in a manly way but drop your iPhone. While crouching to pick it up, look up at him and slowly bat your eyelashes one, two, three times.

Good luck!
@31 and 32: The compliments on my looks more than make up for the professional ego bashing I took in this post. Now I know how that kid in Twilight must feel.

@33: Excellent career advice. I'd be unstoppable.
If your Sunday turns out to be less than busy, M in B, you could always try gus's "dip-n-eyelash bat" a few times on video, post it to Youtube, and we can review it for you...? It's a slow day here at work, just me and 300 thongs, so you won't be imposing or anything.
Awww... you guys took a silly post and turned it into a gigglefest, brightening my whole weekend--it's been pissing down rain where I am since Friday night. Thanks.
Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew
Cover it with choc'late and a miracle or two
The Candy Man, oh the Candy Man can
The Candy Man can 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

Who can take a rainbow, wrap it in a sigh
Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie
The Candy Man, the Candy Man can
The Candy Man can 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good...
Canuck with her thongs
Plus rob!'s glass-eyed man's songs

(Er, that's all I got...)
Oh rob!, you're too cute! And now I'm wishing I'd chosen "groovy lemon pie" as my comment name. It's a quiet weekend here, too, although I'm attempting to liven up things with my retro disco tunes playlist played with the "super bass" turned on....."come on baby tell me what's the word? Word UP!"
"And look out Michael Hathorne,
For here comes gloomy gus,
A glint within his eye,
And some rope with which to truss"
"This is something that was always mystified me, for such a literate, thoughtful community in Seattle, why is the mainstream media such dogshit? "

Because mainstream media EVERYWHERE IS DOGSHIT. It's not going to be any less dogshit in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, whatever. It's just dogshit with a budget.

Thankfully the internet and alt press is putting them all out of business slowly.
i get better new reporting from the azn network and i haven't a clue to what they're talking about.. wouldn't much of the world be a better place if they just aired cartoons from 5pm to 7pm every evening ?…
@4. Same with the local news in DC. They have the same small town hick perspective and talk about the same boring trivial bullshit (like a self-rightous 15 minute expose on potholes I saw the other day?) as the local news in the small Louisiana town in which I spent the 90's. I somehow thought the bigger market, and you know, being the Nation's capitol, would provide me with some better local journalists, since I am usually very interested in local events. Weird, I say.
Oh. Lighten. Up. People.

I think that's funny... not having been a victim of gang rape myself.

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