Now, if we could just see some Stranger bus ads for Caperin' .... that would be something
No ad discouraging support for Jessie Israel is ever a waste of money.
Wonder what the response would have been had it been something attacking the Palestinians?
The ad's subject matter is political in nature, exactly the sort of content the First Amendment is intended to protect.

The allegations in the ad are not inflammatory. Unfamiliar to some perhaps, but nonetheless accurately reflecting the actual language used by the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, which investigated Israel's Gaza occupation during the Gaza War (which began two years ago December 27th, and ended three weeks later).

The answer to disagreeable speech is more speech - not more law and regulation designed to end run speech protection. Constantine would seem to place saving pennies in administrative costs above protecting the free speech rights enshrined in our constitution.
I've been reading the comments at the Times, the P-I, and Publicola. There doesn't seem to be a lot of local resistance. As the Slog article says, the complaints are largely from out of town.

The Israeli government promotes "hasbara," or "public diplomacy," by supporters of the regime. The old-school American Jewish organizations have poured money and effort into creating a hasbara network in the United States. So you can count on massive efforts to suppress debate whenever Israel is criticized in public.
don't forget the jewish internet task force when they aren't censoring you tube they a fucking with everything else. they use internet megaphone to mass spam emails to oppose anything that points out the bullshit zionist agenda. isreal is guilty of thousands of human rights violations but youll never hear about them. the 12 billion a year the jew's suck out of our economy in over the table aide alone helps them to afford to do as they please. name one president they didn't or don't run and i'll call you a fin liar.
Hmm, tougher issue than I first imagined. Generally, the government can't ban speech because of the emotive impact of the speech on its audience. But there's this weird 1974 Supreme Court case that says you might be able to ban all "political" ads on buses generally, even if purely commercial ads are allowed. So, not certain how a ban or other restriction by the county would turn out. Let's not find out.
If we get an ad war going on the buses, Metro will make more money! Free (or nominally priced) speech for all!!!!

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