I was a little tipsy when I saw this sign. At first I read it as, "You can't take your gender in there," but then I reconsidered and figured it meant "unisex" bathroom. But calling it "unisex" probably got torpedoed because some folks mistakenly believe that "unisex" implies it's for men or women, that the term presumes an oppressive duopoly of gender, a one-or-the-other-ism, and using "unisex" would necessarily oppress the intersexed or genderqueer or nullified. But unisex just means "one" sex, like unicycle means "one wheel." Unisex is for everybody. But then bathroom doesn't have a sex, does it? Kind of like like a bathroom doesn't have a gender... so a bathroom can't be gender-free then, right?

Um... why not just call it a toilet and leave it at that?