I think "the wrong kind of annoying" is exactly the right kind of annoying!
Was it really that annoying? Here I was anticipating some sort of grating, agonizing nasally whine.
Say "hi" to Obama's 2012 opponent! You betcha!
On the other hand Obama's achievements can be summarized by saying, the Bush Tax Cuts are inviolate. They are now the 3rd rail of politics. The Bush Tax Cuts are the Social Security of the 21st century.

Maybe if they had actually focused on her misinformation, and refudiating it, instead of just in-jokes and corny platitudes, it would be worth watching for half a minute.
She also gets the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Promoting 7-Up.

Ask me why.
If that broad gets elected, I give up on any faith I ever had in this country.
i love the fact that you guys hate her soooo much! the best part is this, she absolutely does not give a fuck if you like her or not. if you think votes decide an election you are fucking high and need to put down the pipe. theres a whole machine that decides such things , and you are not a part of it. by the way , do any of you have your national i d cards yet! no? good luck getting your vote counted ! oh yeah lot's of things on the horizon you out-siders have no idea about. i can't wait for those sparks to fly.

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