After a visit to a very understanding doctor at an urgent care facility, I procured a lovely bottle of Alprazolam for alcohol withdrawals and returned with some tools and a flashlight and set to work on Keck's lock. After quietly picking the knob and two deadbolts, an auxiliary bolt from the top of the door into a latch at the top of the door frame still stopped the door. I unlatched it by sliding my thinnest, sharpest chisel into the space between the top of the door and the bottom of the door frame. Jabbing the sharp corner into the back of the flat bar, I slowly and silently pried it down fractions of an inch at a time. When the work was done, I stealthily turned the knob and delicately pushed opened the door. I peered into the room and turned my gaze upward to the crow's nest entrance. Suddenly I thought I heard a sound from the top of the spiral stairs leading to the nest. Was it a latent hallucination? Was someone lurking up there? It was pitch black to my sight even halfway up the stars, and near pitch black in the hallway where I stood. I closed the door without a sound and returned to lock myself in the web office. I will investigate in the light of the morning. Co-workers are still two days away. For now, goodnight.