You know who really got the shaft as we moved into the new millennium? Well, yes, travel agents. That's true. And, yeah, record stores. And Iraqis.

But who I am thinking of right now is spokesmodels. Spokesmodels used to have a sweet life. Toss on a bikini, lounge on the deck of a boat, and you're suddenly a TV star (and this is back when TV stars used to require something special of you, not just puking on an episode of Blind Date or whatever). Now they don't even make it onto TV. They're floating around YouTube. And they're not rubbing magical creams into their flawless skin anymore. They're clipping plastic gizmos to their earlobes and selling underperforming mind-reading apps to schmucks with the help of a bad blonde joke:

Spokesmodels used to have a kind of unattainability, and through that pedestal of unattainability, they had dignity. Now, they've been diminished to the same level as the rest of us. Poor, poor spokesmodels.